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Industrial design – the combination of art and function – has always been an important focus at Atlas Copco. Design is not just about branding and aesthetics; it is integral to the ergonomic usage of products, operator safety, energy efficiency, lower noise and environmental emissions, and much more.

Rig System Platform design team Energy-efficiency by design
Half a decade ago, Atlas Copco began looking for ways to make its drill rigs more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Smart design, research and repeated testing resulted in a system platform that is not only far more fuel-efficient, it has lower emissions and is more user friendly – a win for Atlas Copco and the customer.
Atlas Copco Design Competence Center Transformers
Brand by brand, Atlas Copco’s award-winning Industrial Design Competence Center is having a revolutionary effect on the company’s brands and products.
The case for multiple brands
Offering more than one brand allows Atlas Copco to meet a wider variety of customer needs and to support more areas of industry. The brand portfolio approach benefits the Group in several ways.