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In this section Achieve highlights success stories from projects that can potentially have a longterm impact on a region's economic development.

Quiet achievement
In Hong Kong, silence is golden – and rare. A SmartRig surface drill rig is helping to keep a major development project from overwhelming local residents with construction noise.
The backbone of the economy
Infrastructure investments and improved transport links help increase trade and contribute to economic development. Countries and companies around the world recognize the importance of and demand for good infrastructure.
Successful operation
Partnership and cooperation between Atlas Copco’s medical brand BeaconMedæs and Aga Khan University were essential for the implementation of cutting-edge technology at a hospital in Pakistan, where teaching is just as important as healthcare. 
Linking Turkey’s biggest cities
Scheduled to carry more than 50 000 passengers a day, the new high-speed railway linking Ankara and Istanbul is one of the most important infrastructure investments in the country.
Brazil gets ready for kick-off
Brazil is pressing forward with preparations for the 2014 World Cup, refurbishing existing stadiums and building new ones in 12 host cities, and Atlas Copco equipment is on the scene.
Nation re-creation
Atlas Copco is participating in the task of rebuilding war-torn Afghanistan, supplying equipment, knowledge and its network of contacts to the effort.  
Widening global trade’s most famous ‘shortcut’
The Panama Canal has served the world well for the past century, but today’s larger ships require a wider, deeper passageway. Atlas Copco products and services support an expansion project that will double the canal’s annual capacity.
Building connections
Where dinosaurs once tread, giants of a different nature now roar. With Atlas Copco drill rigs employed to dig six tunnels, Argentina’s road network will be expanded, connecting national routes.
Russia’s Olympic achievement
A Russian resort town on the Black Sea will soon step into the international spotlight when it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics. To prepare, it’s making a huge infrastructure upgrade – and Atlas Copco is there to help.
Ore galore
Miners have struck gold in an isolated area of Mongolia, putting the country on a fast track for economic development.