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Atlas Copco continuously develops and advances its technology for increasing customers' energy efficiency, reducing both their costs and their carbon footprint.

Achieve 2013-14 Reliably sweet - sugar_thumb Reliably sweet
A Swiss sugar producer’s use of an Atlas Copco vapour compressor helps make it the world’s most energy-efficient sugar plant.
Achieve 2013-14 - Leave nothing to waste - skates_thumb Leave nothing to waste
One of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies is using the latest Atlas Copco products and solutions to help turn waste into energy.
Water treatment plant Nothing wasted, savings gained
Today, compressor technology can lower the energy requirements in wastewater treatment. New technology can be over 30% more efficient than old-fashioned rotary lobe blowers.
Yellow Island LPG project--Subterranean Qingdao-China The art of storing energy
An underground storage facility in the north of China will hold massive amounts of liquefied gas, a relatively clean-burning source of energy highly demanded in the fast-growing country.
Waterfall Power trips
Infrastructure projects in rural Brazil and central China are bringing hydroelectricity to the masses.
AC  Achieve - Compressed air industry Compressed air powers industry
Compressed air is everywhere: in textile manufacturing, food and beverage production, the production of electronics, pharmaceuticals and in the automotive and paper and pulp industries. The aim of Atlas Copco’s advanced technology and innovative compressed-air solutions is to reduce customers’ energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions – a win-win situation for everyone.
Baby in hospital - BeaconMedaes The breath of life
Piped gas is a critical part of modern medical care. Thailand’s busiest hospital has entrusted Atlas Copco’s BeaconMedæs with a major medical gas system upgrade.
Enel Green Power Stillwater Tapping into the earth's energy
Geothermal reservoirs have emerged as a promising source of clean energy for the future. In a remote part of Nevada, U.S., Enel Green Power is now tapping into that potential at two geothermal plants.
Geothermal energy industry heats up
The market for geothermal energy production has an estimated growth rate of more than 4% per year. This means new business opportunities for Atlas Copco.
San Giacomo Fraele Dam Removing that dam ice
An Italian hydropower station relies on Atlas Copco technology to maintain a dam, ensure sustainable production of hydropower, and re-use consumed power as heat.
Atlas Copco GX6FF compressor Green buildings take the LEED
Oxygen Generating Systems International (OGSI) uses Atlas Copco compressors in its products and in its manufacturing, helping it earn LEED environmental certification for its new facility in New York.
Teva Pharma production Environmental Czech
By relying on Atlas Copco compressors the pharmaceutical company Teva Czech Industries s.r.o. saves a fortune on heating costs.