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Atlas Copco may be known for its innovative products and solutions, but it never rests on its laurels. Atlas Copco continuously develops improvements in energy efficiency, productivity, noise reduction, safety and operator ergonomics.

Ronnie Leten - Achieve 2013-14 Investing in Innovation_thumb Investing in innovation
Atlas Copco’s President and CEO Ronnie Leten explains how the continued importance of innovation touches every aspect of the company.
Achieve 2013-14 Heavy tractors_thumb Light tools for heavy tractors
When agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO needed a system to help workers handle heavy-duty tractor assembly tools, Atlas Copco delivered.
Achieve 2013-14 Automation Today - Remote controlled - Operator_thumb Automation – Today and tomorrow
Increased automation in technology is reducing investment costs, lengthening the life of equipment and increasing safety, fuel efficiency and reliability.
From idea to customer benefit
Atlas Copco Compressor Technique uses a special “innovation process” for the development of new products and services. But innovation is also something that needs to live within every person in the organization.
Cybernetic operator Welcome the cybernetic operator
Technological advances in virtual reality, augmented reality and bionics are no longer topics for movies and video games. Meet the cybernetic operator of tomorrow.
Rocktec drill testing innovation Drilling made easy
Through the use of ‘artificial rock’, the Rocktec R&D lab can achieve in one week what used to take six weeks in the field.
A350XWB aft fuselage section Come fly with me
Airbus is producing a range of revolutionary long-range aircraft that are lighter and more fuel efficient than anything to come before. To get these planes in the air, Airbus needs revolutionary tools.
SCA Schucker - Hook Nozzle Formidable bonds
Cars affected by rust problems may soon become a thing of the past, as automobile manufacturers increasingly turn to lightweight carbon fiber materials held together with adhesives instead of traditional welding.
AC Achieve - compressor innovation Business built on innovation
Today’s compressors only need 11% of the energy required back in 1904. This is one example of how continuous innovation keeps the company at the forefront of sustainable productivity. 
Kamaz truck Going to extremes
The Dakar Rally is one of the world’s toughest off-road endurance races. Stage after stage competitors speed over mountain, valley, desert and coastline routes to win the coveted trophy.
Mobile mining new machine in action Bigger, stronger, faster - and environmentally friendly mining
Through collaboration with the mining giant Rio Tinto, Atlas Copco is working on the next generation of an underground caving machine that would make mining more environmentally friendly.

Autonomous Scooptram ST14 loader Futuristic mining
Remote-controlled mining, being tested at Diavik, Canada, holds the promise of increased safety, precision, and productivity.
Hydrogen car Achieve 2010-11 Fuelin’ good
A unique vehicle fuel station powered by Atlas Copco’s GreenField Compression may represent the gas stations of tomorrow.
Better city thumbnail for webpage Cleaner, greener cities
Check out how Atlas Copco products and solutions can reduce the emissions and noise usually associated with construction, transportation and energy production.
Developing a large city through sustainable productivity
Atlas Copco solutions, expertise and services support the sustainable development of Stockholm city.