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For Atlas Copco, sustainable productivity is the end goal. All Atlas Copco customers' stories are examples of sustainable productivity, but here are a few recent examples from different corners of the globe.

Achieve 2013-14 Sewing up success_thumb Sewing up success
At the Singer plant in Brazil, 180 million sewing needles are produced per year. Atlas Copco compressors and gas generators play a key role in the manufacturing process and help reduce the plant’s energy consumption.
Achieve 2013-14 Become a lean business machine_thumb Become a “Lean” business machine
Businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. A new Atlas Copco approach helps customers and its own operations become more productive.
AC Achieve - Lamborghini thumbnail Running with the bull
Powerful, beautiful,  unmistakeable. Lamborghinis look and perform the way a sportscar should – thanks in part to Atlas Copco tools and service.
AC Achieve - Virtual mining thumbnail Virtual mining
Growing competition is forcing international mining companies to focus on training for equipment operators. Recognizing the need to create an environment as close to real-world conditions as possible, Atlas Copco has created dedicated simulators for each type of mining machine in its portfolio. 
Scorpio rising
India’s leading vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra, relies on Atlas Copco for more than its precision tool technology; Atlas Copco technicians are on hand full-time for tool maintenance and advice.
Bangladesh factory_Achieve 2010 Fruit of the loom Fruit of the loom
In Bangladesh, textiles are the country’s biggest export. Atlas Copco’s compressors enable maximum productivity for an industry that relies heavily on women.
Norwegian landscape Forging ahead for arctic iron
A company from Down Under is reviving an old iron ore operation in the northernmost reaches of Europe, to produce the real stuff of infrastructure development. 
Chilean mine_Achieve 2010 Quality of life to the surface The mother lode
'Enormous’ is the best way to describe Chile’s Chuquicamata mine, where Atlas Copco helps one of the world's largest copper producers meet worldwide demands for the metal.
Tools at Ducati 2 A racing pride
There’s a word in Italian for Ducati motorcycle owners and fans: Ducatisti. This loyal group is growing worldwide, and Atlas Copco plays a role in the high quality that makes Ducatisti proud of their bikes.
Turkish landscape The Midas touch
Use of the latest Atlas Copco technology is helping Turkey’s largest gold mine increase its productivity.
Hyundai worker in production Hyundai’s tools support its vision
Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has plants in several countries and Atlas Copco supplies power tools and assembly systems to all of them.
Kazakhstan landscape Achieve 2010-11 Supporting a renaissance in Kazakhstan
A vast country that stretches between Russia, China and the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan is in the midst of a mining renaissance that is making it both a showcase of Central Asia’s growing prosperity and a showroom for Atlas Copco’s cutting-edge mining methods and equipment.
Tools in aerospace Latecoere Brasil Boosting Brazilian aerospace productivity
Aircraft construction requires advanced tools that perform reliably. At Latecoere do Brasil, Atlas Copco helps production reach new heights. 
HB 10000 Breaker Breakers give good vibrations
Excavating in Manhattan near a science center with sensitive equipment posed a major challenge. But the hard bedrock was no problem for a new Atlas Copco breaker.