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About air motors / Technical guide / Technical guide

Technical guide

The performance of an air motor
The performance of an air motor is dependent on the inlet pressure. At a constant inlet pressure, air motors exhibit the characteristic linear output torque/ speed relationship.
Radial and axial force shaft loading Shaft loading
Shaft loading on an air motor affects bearing life.
pressure regulation adjustment Methods of modifying the motor performance
There are two methods used to modify the performance of an air motor - throttling and/or pressure regulation. The conditions for the application decide which method is preferable.
Air motor key data graph Using catalogue performance data
The performance data stated in Atlas Copco Air Motor Catalogues is valid for an air supply pressure of 6.3 bar (91 psi), gauge. The data in the catalogue is available both in tables and diagrams.
Air motor operating or work point How to choose the right air motor
When selecting the right motor for any given application, it is advisable to consider what needs must be satisfied.
Installing your air motor
An air motor needs a certain amount of air and a certain pressure to function. Supply and exhaust hoses must therefore be properly dimensioned.