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Careers / Work style and Culture / Work style and Culture

Work style and Culture

Value driven

Our work style and culture is characterized by our values: interaction, commitment, and innovation. We offer our employees considerable freedom and support to achieve their mission, and in return we expect our employees to be accountable for their own actions.

High Ethical Standards

Atlas Copco Rental strives to conduct business in an ethical manner. Employees are treated in an honest and consistent way, and are expected to treat external stakeholders in the same way. When it comes to the workplace itself, Atlas Copco Rental believes in equal opportunity, fairness, and diversity.

Health and safety

Atlas Copco Rental strives to offer a safe and healthy workplace. In 2008 we obtained triple ISO certifications including OHSAS 18001, demonstrating our concern for the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Clear and Trustworthy Leadership

Atlas Copco Rental invests in selecting and developing professional leaders. The role of the leader is to create lasting results; the main task is to grow people. The organizational structure is comparably flat. Group common processes are documented in a database that can be accessed by all employees without restriction.

Interaction across borders

With a customer commitment in more than 150 countries, Atlas Copco operates in a multicultural environment with daily contacts with customers, colleagues, and business partners around the world.

Sharing and Caring

Within the Group, people are both professional and caring. Sharing of knowledge and experiences is needed to do a good job. It is also a key component of personal development. The culture is open and informal. New employees are quickly made to feel welcome and supported by colleagues. Within Atlas Copco, this is known as the family culture. This simply means hard work, but also having fun.