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Automotive Industry Applications

For high quality paint finishes, smooth running automated processes and better health protection.

Spray painting: higher quality finish

Compressed air propels paint through paint guns or robots onto clean metal surfaces such as car bodies. The presence of oil in compressed air prevents adhesion or causes beading, thus affecting the quality and finish.

Paint baths: better adhesion

Compressed air agitates the paint to prevent coagulation. It also mixes the paint, maintaining consistency throughout the bath. Oil in the compressed air dissolves in paint, adversely affecting adhesion and paint quality.

Clean surfaces: ensures paint adhesion and corrosion resistance

Prior to painting, metal surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and then dried with compressed air. Oil in the air, deposits on surfaces and prevents paint adhesion. This adversely affects paint quality and corrosion protection.

Water based paints: silicone-free painting

Increasingly used in spray painting and baths, water based paints are very sensitive to silicones. Silicones in the lubricating oil in compressed air will cause the paint to crack.

Robots: trouble-free operation

Compressed air is used for the operation of robots during vehicle assembly. The robots are sensitive to air quality and the presence of oil and sludge in the compressed air can hamper their operation, resulting in costs associated with replacements and production stoppages.

Pneumatic tools: clean air for better health

Pneumatic tools such as nut runners use compressed air. When oil is present in the compressed air, fumes are vented to the working environment and these constitute a health hazard for operators. These are only a few reasons why you should insist on an Atlas Copco Rental 100% oil-free air compressors.