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Bottling Applications

No air - no bottles! Rental equipment from Atlas Copco Rental solves air supply problems during downtimes.

Compressed air is an essential resource in PET packaging.

A total absence of oil or pollutants is crucial for the quality of the end product and the safety of the consumer. To meet these needs Atlas Copco Rental created the PET 925, specifically for the bottle blowing industry. No matter what the reason the PET 925 is the best choice for high pressure air compressors rentals. Years of research and development went into designing this high pressure electric unit.

PET High Pressure Unit

The PET 925 is a tested and certified 100% oil-free, high pressure air compressor guaranteed to totally ban oil from the air circuit throughout the bottling process. The most powerful high pressure air compressor, delivering pressure levels that competitive designs struggle to match reliably in difficult conditions at high volumes.

Of the various elements required to make a PET bottle plant operate successfully, high-pressure air is one of the most important. PET plants often have banks of in-house air compressors, perhaps with as many as six or more units running at any given time. The design of these predominately reciprocating compressors requires that they undergo extensive routine maintenance to ensure continued operation at optimum levels. Yet taking just one of them off line for repair or upkeep can cost thousands of dollars per hour in lost production.

Planning for supplementary high-pressure air supply during routine maintenance is essential to optimize production schedules, and a good first step in this planning process is the development of a contingency plan outlining the vendors, processes and equipment that will be used when in-house equipment is unavailable.

Renting rather than purchasing a reserve compressor minimizes capital outlay and the maintenance costs associated with a unit that may not be utilized year-round. Rental units also bring in a team of experts. With an in-house unit as back-up, it may very well be just one man trying to manage the entire replacement process. A rental partner’s team of equipment experts becomes the plant manager’s ally in a supplemental maintenance situation - as well as relieving some stress along the way.

Defining Needs Early

Being prepared to rent can save money, yet most customers do not have a clear contingency plan in place for equipment rental.

One example of how planning ahead can help save money is the decision between diesel-driven and electric compressors. Whereas diesel-driven units are well-suited to short-term rentals in the PET industry, many plant managers find that they can use the rental compressor for more than their immediate needs but define this need only after the unit is on site and the short-term rental has already been negotiated. By outlining all of the plant’s needs prior to the rental, plant managers can plan ahead for a possible longer-term rental, saving the shipping and manpower costs of bringing in and setting up the unit for a second time.

In the case of longer-term rentals, electric compressors become seamless to the plant, eliminating the need for fuel trucks and air pollution permits. Providing the proper power supply for rentals is a must. If the equipment needed exceeds the power supply, the rental partner can make arrangements for a generator to accompany the air compressor equipment.

Is The Space Available?

It’s important not only to consider physical limitations of a particular space, but also proximity to the process points in the facility. Too much piping can cause loss in pressure and physical hazards, so configuring a space for the rental compressor that is closest to the point where it needs to enter an existing air system is best. Utilizing a plant’s air dryer may be a difficult plumbing job. Atlas Copco Rental’s PET 925 has a refrigerant air dryer that is integrally mounted to access the main plant piping, delivering 100% oil-free air at +380 F dew point.

Rental units are air-cooled and should be located outdoors in an area that does not restrict cooling air. Locating the unit in an area shaded from the heat of the sun will further increase the reliability of the equipment. Emissions are another important factor. A lack of sufficient electrical power or the inability to install proper wiring may require rental of a diesel-driven compressor. Every diesel-driven unit on the market today produces some emissions, so it is important to be aware of allowable emission levels.

Whereas most PET facilities will designate a single location for the rental compressor, there may be times when the unit is needed in other areas of the plant. In these cases, self-contained units that house the compressor, generator, dryer and all associated equipment on one trailer, such as Atlas Copco Rental's PET 925 unit, are recommended.

Who Monitors The Unit?

Monitoring rental compressors, like installed units, should be integrated into the daily routine. Diesel-driven rental units, for instance, may need to be refueled every six to eight hours. A good rental partner can provide a fuel service. The persons placed in charge of the rental unit should be well-trained. If such a person is unavailable within the plant, the rental partner’s team of experts can conduct training sessions prior to the rental period.

What’s The Budget?

When compared with an in-house or owned unit, a rental air compressor saves thousands, not only in capital outlay, but also in reduced maintenance costs. There is also the opportunity to save even more by renting high-quality machines. Renting premium equipment ensures that the back-up unit is going to do its job. A lower-quality unit, on the other hand, may cost less, but may sacrifice dependability. And no one wants to have to call in a back-up unit for the back-up unit!

There are also cost savings to be had in terms of energy. Top-of-the-line equipment will run efficiently, keeping the energy bill to a minimum. PET plant managers should also look for a rental partner with specific experience in the PET industry. In effect quality equipment typically follows quality experience, and the rental partner knows what the customer requires for a successful rental operation.

Atlas Copco Rental’s PET 925 Oil-Free Air In Action

When the senior engineering manager of a leading global packaging company in the Northeast needed to perform maintenance on the nine high-pressure machines that his company owned, he decided on the rental of an Atlas Copco Rental’s PET 925 machine to provide continuity of air supply. Rolling in on a single trailer, the PET 925 unit was hooked up to the facility from an outdoor location.

With a single connector, the self-contained unit was simple to install and easy to fit into the layout of the facility. The manager needed only to provide level ground and a power source. A closed-loop cooling system and air dryer were incorporated into the design of the rental package, so it was just a question of plug in and run. The maintenance outage converted to a production increase, and the work is flowing on schedule.