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Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Why insist on Atlas Copco Rental 100% Oil-free solution for your production needs?

For smooth-running control systems and maintaining the ultra-clean conditions essential to high product quality.

Control systems: Smoother processes, fewer rejections

Compressed air activates control valves, actuators and tools, as well as processes like picking, pressing, drilling, moving and placing electronic components. The presence of oil or other impurities in the compressed air will cause the instruments to jam and malfunction. Vent air from instruments deposits on electronic components causing malfunctions and rejections. Oil fumes are also a health hazard for operators.

Cleaning: Reduced end product failure rate

Various cleaning operations during production require compressed air. Examples: cleaning and polishing PCBs, removing chemical deposits on wafers after etching, and cleaning air knives in LCD panel manufacture. Oil in the compressed air deposits on the components, causing short circuits and malfunction.

Direct production: Fewer defects and rejections

Compressed air is used for direct production and assembly of PCBs, wafers, ICs, ABS and memory chips, and LCD panels. Operations include drilling, molding, wire bonding, die attach operations, air guns, spraying and cutting. Oil in the compressed air contaminates the working area and deposits on end products causing defects and rejections.

Nitrogen for soldering: Pure gas for high product quality

Compressed air is used to generate nitrogen. The inert gas prevents the oxidation of metal conductors when wire bonding or soldering. Oil in the compressed air contaminates the nitrogen and deposits on hot components, causing malfunctions like short circuits. Membranes used in the air separation process will be destroyed by the oil, resulting in costly replacements.

Need more reasons why you should insist on Atlas Copco Rental 100% oil-free air compressors for all of your temporary air requirements? Contact Atlas Copco Rental today to find out more information on our 100% oil-free Atlas Copco Rental air compressors.