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Petrochemical Applications

Why insist on an Atlas Copco oil-free solution for your chemicals production?

For greater product purity, more efficient processes, less waste and increased safety.

Air separation: Lower costs, purer gases

In PSA plants components of air, nitrogen and oxygen, are separated using membranes. Any oil in the compressed air will be deposited on the membranes, which then have to be replaced at a huge cost. Contamination of the gases will also be a result.

Fermentation: Healthy bacteria, no product contamination

Compressed air supplies oxygen to the bacteria during fermentation to produce such chemicals as citric acid. The presence of even small oil traces will kill the bacteria and contaminate the end product.

Control systems: Smoother functioning, pure end products

In control valves and actuators activated by compressed air, contamination causes malfunction and jamming. Moreover, instruments always vent air, which if oily, will spoil the end product and cause harm to humans.

Aeration: Higher quality processes and products

Compressed air plays a direct role in aeration processes, supplying oxygen for the oxidation of chemicals. Traces of oil will hamper the process and may even result in a different end product.

Hazardous processes: Increased safety and security

In some chemical processes, oil-free air is most critical to eliminate the possibility of explosions. An example is the generation of oxygen from compressed air and its subsequent compression and use.

PET production: Enhanced product quality, safer processes

PET resin beads are produced and transported using compressed air. Oil in the compressed air will contaminate the resin. Result: a different composition of the end product when the beads are sintered. Also, a fire hazard.

Pneumatic transport: Prevents defects and pipe clogging, increases safety

Compressed air is used for pneumatic transport of materials such as PVC, PTA and DMT chips. Oil contamination will cause quality defects and pipe clogging, as well as a fire hazard.