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Pharmaceutical Applications

Why insist on an Atlas Copco 100% Oil-free solution for your pharmaceuticals production?

For greater product purity, more efficient processes, less waste, and increased safety.

Fermentation: Healthy bacteria, no product contamination

Compressed air supplies oxygen to the bacteria during fermentation in antibiotic production. The presence of even small oil traces will kill the bacteria and contaminate the end product. The result will be huge costs associated with rejections, cleaning and production stoppage, or even a recall.

Aeration: Higher quality products

Aeration supplies the oxygen for oxidation processes to produce, for example, lactose. Any traces of oil will directly spoil the end product.

Tablet production: Increased purity

Coatings are sprayed on tablets using compressed air. Oil in the air would be directly deposited on the tablets causing rejections or health risks.

Packaging and bottling: Lower rejection rate

Compressed air is widely employed in conveying tablets, blister packaging and bottling. If oil is present, contamination and rejection would result.

Automated production lines: Reduced possibility of contamination

Automated production lines use pneumatic cylinders, control valves and components. Exhaust air from these components, if oily, will contaminate the production space. This leads to possible contamination of the end product.