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Pulp & Paper Applications

When it comes to manufacturing fine-grade paper, nothing less than 100% oil-free air will do. Atlas Copco Rental is the clean, high-quality rental solution.

Atlas Copco Rental offers you the best in 100% oil-free air compressor rentals.

We know how critical cleanliness is in the manufacturing of high-quality paper products, and our compressors provide clean air with absolutely no oil contamination.
Paper mills succeed or fail based on their ability to maintain high production levels. Under a near-continuous production schedule, paper mills use compressed air for instrumentation, paper machine operations, cleaning, and general plant air needs. Air use by the paper machines includes belt tensioning, felt guides, air showers, roll wrapping, and special uses such as web tail adjustments during restart operations. And when you’re the person responsible for making sure there’s enough compressed air to keep the process running smoothly, you need reliable equipment operating at maximum efficiency.
Atlas Copco Rental has an established track record of creating innovative solutions to tough problems and helping customers achieve maximum productivity even in the most challenging of environments. Atlas Copco Rental’s reliability and quick response times are hallmarks for our performance based reputation.

Inadequate maintenance can have a significant impact on energy consumption via lower compression efficiency, air leakage, or pressure variability. It can also lead to high operating temperatures, poor moisture control, and excessive contamination.
This is why yearly shutdowns of a week or two are important. In many cases, not all of the processes are down at the same time and the rotating shut down requires that the compressed air utility be available around-the-clock. Should a shutdown be required during the manufacturing process, your production and product are safe with Atlas Copco Rental air compressors. The same cannot be said for compressors which do not deliver 100% oil-free air.

Customer Testimonial

A pulp-and-paper mill in North Carolina relies on Atlas Copco Rental to keep its operation running smoothly and effectively when its own compressors go down. The mill calls on Atlas Copco Rental quite often to help supply air to numerous air dryers throughout its plant. If a certain pressure is not maintained, the mill can lose the paper machine winders.

Normally, the mill keeps a 2300-cfm oil-free compressor on site 24-7 in case an emergency arises and one of its seven in-house compressors goes down. There are times when the mill has more than one unit out of service, and Atlas Copco Rental is very prompt in its response to provide a second rental unit. “It is crucial to our operation that we have the oil-free units,” says a mill official. “It has extended the life of our instrument air dryer desiccant.”