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LZL05R SL-IEC: Vane air motor, direct driven

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The LZL05R SL-IEC is a reversible, stainless steel air motor. This motor is lubrication free with the same features as the other lubrication free motors. All external parts, including the output shaft, are made of stainless steel. This makes the motor very corrosion resistant and thus ideal for applications such as the food industry, corrosive mixing applications and the chemical industry.

Features & benefits

  • Sturdy, compact construction to withstand rough treatment
  • Lubrication free
  • Double seals at the outgoing shaft
  • Stainless steel body
  • Reliable starting
  • High starting torque and good low speed characteristics
  • Can stand high axial and radial forces
  • ATEX certified, Class Ex ll 2G T4 llC D110°C
  • For technical data when running this motor unrestricted, see the air motor catalogue

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Shaft typeKeyed
Weight6.1 kg
Rotation directionReversible
Vane typeLubrication free
External parts materialStainless steel
Built in brakeNo
ATEX codeEx II 2GD c T4 IIC T110 ᵒC
Air consumption at 3000 RPM25 l/s
Torque at 3000 RPM2 Nm
Max allowed speed3000 r/min
Stall torque5.8 Nm
Power at 3000 RPM0.63 kW

Included accessories with this product

  • Screwdriver


    4080 0678 00

  • Screwdriver


    4430 1424 00

  • Silencer


    0803 5011 06

  • Restrictoin plate kit

    4430 0303 90


  • Foot, compl.

    Foot, compl.

    4430 0304 80

  • LPB05

    Compressed air piloted brake

    8411 1008 51

Atlas Copco Tools Australia

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