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TH10LM Lightweight Water Well Drill: Water Well Drills

The Atlas Copco TH10LM (Long Mast) provides the convenience of a longer derrick for handling 20 ft (6.1 m) drill pipe and is ideal for deeper wells where a longer drill pipe saves time and labor.

Designed to be mounted on a local 4X4 or 6x4 truck, the unique tower allows this drill module to be packed and shipped in a 40 ft (12m) container. In addition to DHD-drilling with a recommended portable or skid-mounted compressor on a separate truck, the drill can also be used for mud rotary drilling with an on-board mudpump.

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Longer derrick for handling 20 ft (6.1m) drill pipe
  • Designed to mount on local truck
  • Easily packs in shipping container
  • On-board mudpump and water injection system
  • Supports auxiliary air

Technische gegevens

Technische gegevens
Deck-motor/PTO-aandrijvingEngine Duetz BF6L914 Industrial Diesel Engine 135hp at 2000 rpm for a driving drill pack and mud pump.
Deck-motorEngine Duetz F6L912 Industrial Diesel Engine 88 hp at 2000 rpm for driving drill pack . (This option is without a mud pump)
Terugtrekken12000 kg

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