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An Atlas Copco service program is designed to cut your production costs. The savings you can expect depend on how your production looks today – line assembly or fixed stations, tool types used, applications, frequency of tool use, work environment and other factors. Ask yourself the questions below – there are major savings to be made.

Are you getting the most from your air tools? Could your production be more energy efficient?

Would your tools work better with a Preventive Maintenance Program (PM)?  
  • Are the tools correctly adjusted for the application?   
  • Have you checked your air line for correct flow, air quality, leakages, etc.?   
  • Is your air line system correctly dimensioned?   
  • Are there areas with significant pressure drops?   
  • Do you know the status and number of tools in your production?   
  • What is the power efficiency (l/kWs) of your tools?   
  • Do you use the optimal tool for each application?

Find out by performing an Atlas Copco ToolScan or an Energy Efficiency Audit on your tool population. By acting on the recommendations provided, many customers have reported savings in production costs of up to 60%. A properly serviced tool will perform correctly for longer periods, it will also consume less energy and get the job done faster. Use our Operating Cost Savings Calculator on your tools to identify potential savings.  

Would you like to reduce the operating costs for your electric tools?
  • Have you calculated the total operating cost of your tools and the impact a Preventive Maintenance Program could have?  
  • Are you currently performing any preventive maintenance, or just repair once a tool is broken?

With our ToolScan RCM process we can optimize a Preventive Maintenance Program for your type of production. This can provide cost savings of up to 60% and, in some cases, even more. Our RCM Operating Cost Savings Calculator helps you to identify your total potential savings.

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Reduce the operating costs for your electric tools