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Pit Viper 311 / Introducing the Pit Viper 311

Introducing the Pit Viper 311

The Pit Viper 311 blasthole drill can add unsurpassed productivity to your mining operations. The heavy, durable, ergonomically designed Pit Viper 311 can drill a 65 ft (19.8 m) clean hole in a single-pass, which yields higher drilling efficiencies (up to 25% when drilling in soft material) by eliminating rod change time and allowing more time for drilling.

Pit Viper 311

Atlas Copco continues to innovate with the introduction of the Pit Viper 311. The PV-311 has the capability to chew through drill patterns by drilling 9-12.25 inch (228-311 mm) holes with a clean hole single pass depth of 65 feet (19.8m). The Pit Viper 311 is the latest drill to join the already large fleet of Pit Vipers drilling in mines across the globe.
The PV-311 incorporates everything you love about the Pit Viper product line, but also includes new and innovative designs to continually lower the cost of drilling.
  • Carried across is our proven Rig Control System (RCS) giving the PV-311 a strong technology foundation to bring serviceability and drilling accuracy to the front lines of the mining process.
  • The PV-311 increases productivity through increased tramming, feed, and retract speeds, in addition to increasing the rates of the non-value added functions of the machine such as setting up.
  • We have reduced the amount of downtime for preventive maintenance by up to 50% with the introduction of the centralized filter rack and ground level service interface where all fluids can be filled, drained, or sampled.
  • Completing the PV-311 package is a world-class cabin with improved operator visibility and comfort, in addition to raising the bar when it comes to making safety integral to all of our designs.
  • We never stop working to reduce the costs associated with drilling.
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