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Get in shape with Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler

The Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler for high speed and quality tunnelling will be launched at Bauma 2007. This fully integrated 3D scanning system tells the drill rig operator after just five minutes of scanning how the excavation conforms to pre-planned design. By using this system under- and overbreak and shotcrete thickness can be checked and corrected at an early stage of the tunnelling cycle.

Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler is a fully integrated 3D scanning system for all Atlas Copco computerized drill rigs.
A main objective in tunnelling and drifting is to drill and blast to an optimum contour at the lowest total cost. Any deviations from the specified profile can be costly and time consuming to correct later on. After setup at the face the Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler conducts 3-dimensional automatic scanning of a defined section. The resulting data are immediately available and displayed in the Rig Control System, RCS, with a coordinate accuracy of +/- 2 cm. It takes about five minutes only to scan a 65 m2 face/roof area. The under- and overbreak are calculated and presented graphically to the operator. Using the Tunnel Profiler can be compared to having a surveyor on board the rig at all times.
An additional benefit of the Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler is the possibility to use the laser for rig navigation. In tunnelling this feature has been required for many years and the Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler offers a convenient, new method of navigation.
The Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler, which has been developed in cooperation with Bever Control AS in Norway, can be offered to all Atlas Copco computerized drill rigs. Already during first half of 2007, the Atlas Copco Tunnel Profiler will be delivered to contractors in Norway and Finland.

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La division Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation fait partie du pôle d'activité Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique. Elle développe, fabrique et commercialise une vaste gamme d'équipements pour mines et tunnels destinés à diverses applications souterraines dans le monde entier. Cette division s'attache particulièrement à concevoir des produits et des systèmes d'assistance après-vente innovants, qui permettent aux clients de bénéficier d'une réelle valeur ajoutée. Le siège de la division et son principal centre de production sont situés à Örebro, en Suède.