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Atlas Copco completed and improved its water-injected AQ screw compressor range with new air-cooled units


In January 2007, the Industrial Air Division of Atlas Copco Airpower introduced its newest AQ water-injected screw compressor range, with an installed motor power going from 30 to 55 kW and including amongst others two VSD models (AQ 37 VSD and AQ 55 VSD).  Now the AQ range is complete, offering following versions: air-cooled, water-cooled, Workplace, Workplace Full-Feature, fixed speed and variable speed drive (VSD). 


The new AQ range is designed to be energy-efficient with an incredible low noise level and offering a much better flow. The compact, ergonomic design allows easy maintenance.  When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air, the customer cannot afford to compromise on air quality. Setting the standard for air purity through ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification, the AQ water-injected screw compressors meet the customer’s needs for pure oil-free air while offering high-pressure capability and improved energy efficiency.

Why should customers opt for AQ?

Whether their activities are in pharmaceutical production, food processing, critical electronics or in a similarly exacting industry, air quality is of paramount importance for their end product and production processes.  Developed especially for applications demanding the highest level of purity, Atlas Copco’s AQ oil-free compressors eliminate the risks of oil contamination as well as the involved extra costs.

The superior cooling capability of water ensures that the heat is removed efficiently at the source. The low temperature of the compressed air reduces the stress on components, ensuring long life. A highly efficient compression process is achieved thanks to high quality polymer ceramic rotors with optimum profiling. As the element bearings are water-lubricated and slide on the water, their lifetime is extended and a smooth rotation of the element is ensured. The noise level is also reduced considerably. Contrary to traditional compressor set-ups, Atlas Copco’s AQ WorkPlace Air Systems effortlessly fit onto every work floor. Pressure drops, need for external dryer, costly piping systems, multiple connections and air leaks are avoided using the AQ solution. Advantages are: less noise operation, no need for separate compressor room, lower installation and energy costs.

The improved performance (5% more flow) is a direct result of the many innovations that have been introduced into the AQ compressor package. All these innovations result in an all-in-one package with supreme energy efficiency and optimum reliability. 
Some of the innovations are: 
  • the first air-cooled unit with extremely low installation costs;
  • the introduction of a new over-sized   water-water heat exchanger in water-cooled units, providing a continuous water temperature at the dryer inlet of less than 55°C without after cooler; 
  • new vacuum unloader that simplifies service and allows easier regulation;
  • new patented seals and hydrodynamic bearings. 
The new air-cooled and water-cooled AQ 30-55 range offers our customers highly reliable and energy-efficient Class 0 certified oil-free machines with more FAD, more value for their money, flexibility in selection, savings on operating, installation and maintenance costs. These are only some of the major customer advantages.

More information

Mercedes Hernandez
Product Manager 
+32 3 870 24 84

Nathalie Van Tassel
Communications Manager 
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Atlas Copco est un spécialiste mondialement reconnu pour ses solutions destinées à l’industrie et au BTP.

La gamme proposée couvre de nombreux produits et services : équipements d'air et de gaz comprimés, groupes électrogènes, matériel de forage et de démolition, outils industriels et systèmes d'assemblage, services de location et offres aux clients, etc. En étroite collaboration avec ses clients et ses partenaires commerciaux, Atlas Copco met plus de 130 années d'expérience au service de l'innovation, pour accroître encore la productivité de ses clients. Le Groupe, dont le siège social se trouve à Stockholm (Suède), est présent sur plus de 170 marchés. En 2007, Atlas Copco employait 33 000 personnes et affichait un chiffre d'affaires de 63 milliards de couronnes suédoises (près de 6 milliards d'euros).

Division Industrial Air

La division Industrial Air fait partie du pôle d'activité Atlas Copco Compressor Technique. Elle développe, fabrique et commercialise sous différentes marques des compresseurs d'air lubrifiés et non-lubrifiés et des solutions de traitement d'air, dans le monde entier et pour tous types d'industries. Cette division offre des services professionnels, ainsi que des solutions de télé-surveillance de centrales d'air dans le but d'améliorer la productivité de ses clients. Le siège de la division et son principal centre de production sont situés à Anvers, en Belgique.