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New desiccant and refrigeration dryer ranges boost customer benefits


Atlas Copco is delighted to unveil two new ranges of heatless desiccant and refrigeration compressed air dryers. Both new ranges are designed to provide best customer value through market-leading performance, exceptionally low running costs and the customary Atlas Copco reliability.

The new heatless desiccant dryer range, designated CD65-280, not only extends beyond the existing range at either end, but also provides more frame sizes in between, thus replacing four models with seven. These twin tower units have capacities of 65 to 280 l/s (138 to 594 cfm) and can operate up to 16 bar(g) with a standard pressure dew point of –40°C, or –70°C as an option.

Aside from providing an extensive choice of frame sizes, meaning that the CD dryer’s performance can be more closely matched with the compressor, these innovative new machines provide a whole series of other customer benefits. For example, to reduce installation costs and difficulties, each unit includes fork lift slots, lifting eyes and reversible inlet and outlet connections as standard. To reduce pipework costs, each unit includes integrated filtration with an optional bypass. Finally, to reduce running costs, dewpoint dependant switching (purge control) is also included as part of the dryer’s unique Atlas Copco Elektronikon control system. In summary, the CD range is a totally complete air treatment package, with a single inlet and outlet connection.

Atlas Copco’s established FD range of refrigerant air dryers has been enhanced by the first of three new updates and also been given a fresh new look. The new FD35, 45, 65 and 95 not only offer improved flow performance, but also an exceptionally low pressure drop and continuously stable pressure dew point. The improved performance means that customers can in some cases switch to a smaller frame size, whilst the reduced pressure drop enables power savings to be made on the compressor. FD dryers provide a
stable and constant pressure dew point of +3°C under all flow conditions, which is aided by the inclusion of a hot gas bypass system.

In line with the Atlas Copco strategy, both the CD and the FD units provide improved customer value through better and stable performance, lower running costs and continued reliability through the use of proven components and technologies.

It is a clear ambition of Atlas Copco to be able to provide every customer with a compressed air solution, not simply an air compressor. Extending the customer offer to include all elements of a compressed air system, which can then be backed up by a global aftermarket support structure, will ensure that Atlas Copco remains first in mind and first in choice.

Industrial Air is a division within the business area Compressor Technique of the Atlas Copco Group with the main production center located in Antwerp, Belgium. The division develops, manufactures and markets worldwide a vast range of oil injected and oil-free air compressors and air treatment equipment used in all kind of industries. By nature and innovative design Industrial Air cares for the environment. The company employs approx. 2000 people worldwide. More information is available on www.atlascopco.com.