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New Elektronikon regulator, Atlas Copco’s revolutionary control technology


Atlas Copco is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Elektronikon regulator - its latest generation of compressor and compressed air treatment equipment control technology.

The new Elektronikon regulator is the next step in control technology evolution. It incorporates the latest microprocessor technology along with many exciting new features, such as Internet connectivity, that will revolutionize the interaction between users and their Atlas Copco compressors and compressed air treatment equipment.

The Elektronikon regulator is used to monitor, protect and control the Atlas Copco equipment that it is installed on. It is so flexible that this one control technology platform will be used on most Atlas Copco stationary compressors as well as many compressed air dryer types. Along with the same outstanding features that customers have come to enjoy with our previous generation of Elektronikon regulators, the latest version boasts many new and exciting features.

For instance, the new Elektronikon has the built in capability for Multiple Compressor Control (MCC), which allows any regulator in a multiple compressor installation to take over control of all of the compressors in the installation. This centralized control simplifies the command structure in the installation and allows a drastic reduction in overall system working pressure as well as an improvement in system pressure stability. Lowering system working pressure dramatically reduces the amount of energy required to operate the system and significantly reduces the amount of compressed air lost to leakage, both of which can lead to energy savings of up to 10% per year.

The Elektronikon has the capability to pre-program two separate operating pressure bands, called system pressure sets. This feature allows a user to switch between the two pressure bands manually, remotely or via a timer, giving the flexibility to accommodate differing shift requirements.

Communication ports built in as standard in the Elektronikon allow simple networking of the regulators in a compressed air installation. Standard commercial protocols are available to easily connect the Elektronikon to plant-wide local area networks, as well as the world wide web.

Atlas Copco is confident that by taking this next step in regulator evolution with the new generation Elektronikon, we can leverage the benefits of its technology to better serve our customers. Atlas Copco will use this technology to revolutionize the way compressors and compressed air treatment equipment are offered, operated and maintained. The new Elektronikon regulator is a clear example of Atlas Copco’s core values of Interaction, Commitment and Innovation when it comes to developing products and services to better serve our customers.

Industrial Air is a division within the business area Compressor Technique of the Atlas Copco Group with the main production center located in Antwerp, Belgium. The division develops, manufactures and markets worldwide a vast range of oil injected and oil-free air compressors and air treatment equipment used in all kind of industries. By nature and innovative design Industrial Air cares for the environment. The company employs approx. 2000 people worldwide. More information is available on www.atlascopco.com.