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The new GA11-30C series ‘’WorkPlace Air Systems‘’


All the benefits of Atlas Copco’s experience in engineering and manufacturing air compressors and air purification equipment are combined in the GA11-30C com-pressed air systems being the perfect combination of innovative technology, environmental friendly design and superb quality.
All units are gearbox driven avoiding any transmission losses. Further tuning of the compressor element in combination with an optimisation of the packaging resulted into a considerable increase of the efficiency and performances.

The FAD ranks from 32,1 l/sec (11kW) till 61,3 l/sec (22kW). Noise levels of the Pack and Full Feature units came down to 63 dB(A) for the 11kW version till 67 dB(A) for the 22 kW, meeting as such the most stringent norms and allowing to place the compressor right at the spot without the need for a costly, space consuming compressor room. The criteria to rank them under the ‘’Workplace Air Systems ‘’are hereby largely fulfilled.
The newly developed GA30C (Compact) unit, built into the GA11-22 canopy, will be a very cost attractive 30kW alternative bridging the gap between the GA22 and the existing GA30 with an FAD of 75,5 l/sec whilst the noise emission remains below 70 dB(A).

Besides the well known and reputed Pack (P), Full Feature (FF) and Standard Pack (SP) units, Standard Pack units equipped with an integrated refrigerant dryer (SP+ID) have now been released in parallel aiming to extend the reach of the ID-concept and penetrate in new market segments which stayed out of reach before.

Extra attention has been paid to the serviceability of the unit. All components can be easily reached through 3 door panels. Regular servicing points are centralized at the front of the unit.

More than 20 optional kits can be standard delivered ex works to further tune these ‘’WorkPlace Air Systems ‘’ to specific operational circumstances as per customer’s request. All –in-one compressed air solutions with special focus on build-in compressed air and condensate treatment realizing substantial savings on valuable floor space, improved overall reliability and minimal installation costs on side.
Long servicing intervals, easy maintenance and low-pressure drop over the compressed air circuit all contribute in achieving the lowest operational cost.
Environmental and ergonomic aspects have been incorporated in the product design using environmental friendly refrigerants, recyclable materials linked to extremely low oil consumption.

Advanced electronic monitoring and control capabilities are offered by means of the Elektronikon®: programmable in 20 languages, instant review of all vital data, planning of the preventive maintenance and remote control possibilities.

GA11-30C compressors define the current state-of-the-art in quality and are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.