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A WORLD PREMIERE : PETPACK VSD saves big in bottle blowing


Antwerp, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden – March, 2002 -- By introducing the PETPACK® compressed air system with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, Atlas Copco has managed to reduce the energy consumption by up to 30%, benefiting both the PET bottle blowing industry and our environment.

When Atlas Copco introduced the PETPACK® compressed air system in 2000 it took a novel approach by combining oil-free screw and piston technologies. PETPACK® redefined the price/performance ratio and air quality in bottle blowing air systems.

Today, Atlas Copco sets a new standard in cost effective bottle blowing, with the introduction of PETPACK® VSD. The Variable Speed Drive technology, present in both the screw compressor and the booster, introduces power savings so significant that it directly affects the manufacturers’ bottom line, the stability of the process and the environment.

PETPACK® VSD constantly regulates the speed of the screw compressor and booster motors to perfectly match the air supply to the varying air demand, which is inevitably caused by shift changes and different batch loads or bottle sizes. Where conventional compressor regulators cannot meet the air demand accurately, inherently leading to energy losses, the VSD technology steplessly follows the air consumption over a wide range, without load-unload switching. The resulting energy reduction is impressive; independent tests have shown savings of up to 30 % depending on the air demand profile.
Because the energy cost constitutes over 70% of the total Life Cycle Cost of a standard compressor, much more than the initial investment or the maintenance cost, these savings have a substantial influence on the bottom line and accelerate the investment payback.

The Variable Speed Drive has even more favourable effects on operating cost and overall systems performance: the total absence of pressure under- or overshoots benefits the stability of downstream processes and the quality of the end product. The low starting currents and non-existence of peaks, combined with a high power factor and full compliance with EMC directives, eliminate the risk of penalties from the utilities company. Overall wear is reduced by the lower average RPM of rotating parts and the smooth starting curve.

In short, with PETPACK® VSD Atlas Copco clearly demonstrates that the variable speed drive regulation heralds a new generation of cost-effective and environment friendly compressed air systems for the PET packaging industry.

Additional information on these and other product of the Atlas Copco Group can be found on the website: www.atlascopco.com.