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A demanding task: demolition of a bridge crossing the highway A8


Essen, August 2006<BR> In the night between July 22 and 23, 2006, traffic came to a halt on the A8 highway near the exhibition grounds of the Neue Messe in Stuttgart. A merely 14-year old bridge crossing the A8 had to be demolished to allow road construction work to be carried out around the new exhibition grounds.

FWA Fischer Weilheim Abbruch GmbH & Co. KG of Weilheim-Teck was entrusted with the task. The manager Georg Fischer: „Demolishing a bridge built in 1992 is something absolutely exceptional. High-quality prestressed reinforced concrete was used to build the bridge at the time, so that there will be a lot in store for us tonight“.

Work was started at 7.30 p.m.: the highway was closed in the direction of Munich and an hour later in the direction of Karlsruhe. Preparatory work such as the protection of the road surface and water drains was quickly completed.

Then the demolition tools appeared on stage. FWA Fischer Weilheim Abbruch decided to use Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers and a combi cutter. Georg Fischer: „With such a tight schedule you have to be absolutely sure that the equipment is reliable. We therefore decided to use the Atlas Copco equipment.“

The world’s biggest series hydraulic breaker, the HB 7000 with its 7-ton service weight, was used for the job together with two HB 4200 breakers weighing more than four metric tons, an HB 3000 and an HB 2200. A CC 3300 hydraulic combi cutter devised to cut steel and crush concrete was to make short work of the heavy reinforcement. Some 2,900 metric tons of grade B55 prestressed reinforced concrete had to be demolished, crushed into pieces suitable for transport and removed from the site.

Already after he had made a few cuts with the combi cutter, the CC 3300 operator Andreas Wöntz was enthusiastic: „Wow, what a bite“. And Horst Hermann was impressed with the HB 7000: „I am extremely glad that my boss purchased the HB 7000. It’s a real knock-off“. And the HB 7000 lived up to expectations as it caused the first parts of the bridge to collapse.

Work went through all night because at 10 a.m. the next morning two highway lanes in the direction of Karlsruhe had to be opened to the traffic again. At 4 p.m. all other lanes had to be handed over well-swept and in perfect condition. With the commited team of FWA Fischer Weilheim Abbruch and the concentrated use of machines and equipment the highweay could be completely reopened to the traffic at 12.15 p.m.

Georg Fischer concluded: „The professional team of FWA has done a tremendous job and has successfully completed an extremely difficult task. The FWA staff, the CAT excavators and the Atlas Copco demolition tools again proved to be a perfect match.“

Messrs. FWA Fischer Weilheim Abbruch GmbH & Co. are not only specialized in all sorts of bridge demolition work. They are also demolishing residential, commercial and industrial buildings, are redeveloping old and unused industrial facilities and garbage dumps, are disposing and processing contaminated materials and are conditioning and recycling certain other materials. 30 men are working for the company which is primarily occupied in the greater Stuttgart area.

Photographs can be found in www.atlascopco.com/photo, numbers:

Overall view of the construction site with all demolition tools,
photo no. 301915
Detailed view of hydraulic breaker during operation, photo no. 301913
Detailed view of combi cutter during operation, photo no. 301912