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Médias / Actualités Produits et SAV / Atlas Copco Wagner Introduces New 15-Tonne Capacity Scooptram; ST1500 Loader Targeted for Canadian, Australian Mining Markets in 2002

Atlas Copco Wagner Introduces New 15-Tonne Capacity Scooptram; ST1500 Loader Targeted for Canadian, Australian Mining Markets in 2002


Atlas Copco Wagner ST1500 Scooptram LHD Finishes Test Trials; Wins Praise for Performance, Handling, and Reliability by User


For further information, please contact:

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.
Buzz Barnes, Communications Manager
Phone: +1 (503) 251-3067
Fax: + 1 (503) 251-3014
e-mail: buzz.barnes@us.atlascopco.com

Atlas Copco Wagner Introduces New 15-Tonne Scooptram®; ST1500 Loader Targeted for Canadian Mining Market
in 2002

Atlas Copco Wagner ST1500 Scooptram® LHD Finishes Test Trials; Wins Praise for Performance, Handling, and Reliability by User

(Portland, Oregon USA) Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. announces the introduction of its newest, big LHD, the ST1500 Scooptram, a 15-Tonne capacity LHD that is targeted to be introduced into the Canadian underground mining, tunnelling, and construction industries in 2002, as well as to the same markets in other areas of the world. Following its successful commissioning and launch ceremony, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. assigned the ST1500 LHD to a difficult and arduous underground mining operation in Nevada. The ST1500 proved itself under hot, harsh working conditions, winning praise from the mine contractor who used the LHD for more than six months.

Comments from the mining contractor in Nevada who used the ST1500 included statements that indicated they felt the vehicle ???handles extremely well???. They also, stated that the vehicle ???rides real smooth???, ???cuts mucking time in half???, and also expressed great satisfaction with the vehicle???s ???excellent hydraulic system.???

With a tramming capacity of 15 Tonnes (33,075 lbs.), the ST1500 develops a theoretical, hydraulic breakout force of 25598 kg. (56,443 lbs.) and a useable, mechanical breakout force of 20517 kg (45,240 lbs.). To achieve the maximum payload possible without overloading the unit, a variety of bucket sizes are offered for the ST1500 Scooptram. These range in size from 8.3 cubic meters (3,035-lbs./cubic yard) for a muck material density of 1.8 Tonnes/cubic meter to 5.0 cubic meters for material density of 3.0 Tonnes/cubic meter (5058-lbs./cubic yard.

The unit is powered by a Detroit Diesel, 4-cycle, water-cooled, Series 60 DDEC engine, providing an MSHA power rating of 299 kW (400 hp) at 2,100 rpm. The DDEC electronically controlled engine has 6 in-line cylinders. It is self-tuning, consumes less fuel, and has electronic protection in case of over-heating or low oil pressure.

The engine has a displacement of 12.7 liters (518 cubic inches). The engine???s MSHA Part 7 ventilation rate is 712 cubic meters/minute (25,000 cfm) and a particulate index of 213 cubic meters/minute (7,500 cfm). The engine has an exhaust conditioner silencer and purifier. The radiators are vertically stacked and are of the V-Core design.

The vehicle has a system voltage of 24 volts, for both starting and for accessories. In addition to the DDEC Series 60 engine, the ST1500 powertrain includes a Spicer, Series 40,000 transmission with automatic power shift and integral converter, a spiral bevel differential, full-floating, planetary wheel end-drive axles, Model 53R, also from Spicer, and Atlas Copco Wagner???s own, patented SAHR® brakes, for both service and parking/emergency stopping. These brakes are Spring-Applied, Hydraulically Released, fully enclosed, force cooled, and with multiple wet discs at each wheel end. The Wagner SAHR brakes will give a 10,000-hour life span if correctly maintained.

The 29.5 x 25 L-5S tires are tubeless, nylon, and of smooth tread design.

The hydraulic system features a pilot operated joystick for the dump and hoist control. The ST1500 features automatic gear selection, and the Forward-Reverse- Neutral push button selector are located on the Dump and Hoist Control stick. Twin double-acting cylinders with chrome-plated stems lift the massive z-bar boom. The hoist cylinders are 216 mm in diameter (8.5 inches). Twin steering cylinders of 125 mm (4.9 inches) easily allow the ST1500 excellent and fast turning. The ST1500 operates with an 85-degree articulation angle and can easily turn from a 4.8 m wide drift into another 4.8 m wide drift. The inside turning radius is 4.55 m and the outer turning radius is 8.47 m. The pumps are heavy-duty gear type and the dump and hoist system pressure is 20.7 Mpa (3,000 psi).

The rear axle is trunnion mounted and has 16 degrees of oscillation (8 degrees each side).

The fuel capacity is 410 liters (108 gallons) and the hydraulic tank???s capacity is 221 liters (58 gallons).

The ST1500 operator is side-seated for best bi-directional operation and maximum visibility. The operator???s compartment includes an MSHA-approved ROPS/FOPS cab or canopy with integrated rib roll protection. The operator???s compartment features extra leg and shoulder room for increased comfort.

Operating empty weight of the ST1500 LHD is 41033 kg (90,478 lbs.), and the fully loaded weight is 56033 kg (123,553 lbs.).

All dimensions and comments herein refer to the ST1500 standard configuration.
Other options or features may change the actual weights and/or dimensions of the Scooptram loader. Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. reserves the right to change weights, dimensions, or features of the ST1500 at any time without prior notice.

The Atlas Copco Wagner ST1500 is matched with the company???s MT-444 or MT5010 rear dump trucks for efficient loading techniques.

To increase productive efficiency, the ST1500 has certain designed-in features, such as: aggressive bucket design, high-lift Z-bar bucket geometry, two-handed operator controls that allow the operator to focus on digging and navigating the drift, foot-pedals that hang rather than be floor-mounted, an ergonomic-designed operator???s compartment, well protected new, high-intensity lights, and a lowered engine height for improved visibility to the rear of the vehicle.

There are many major options designed for the ST1500. These include an enclosed cabin, a Lincoln auto-lube system, E-O-D bucket® proportional Radio Remote Control which features simple, dependable electro-hydraulic-operated controls, Ansul Fire Suppression system, wheel-steering in lieu of mono-stick steering, Wiggins service points, and air conditioning.

Complete detailed specifications of the ST1500 can be obtained from Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. or from the company???s independent dealers and Sales Companies.

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive diesel and electric-powered articulated underground mining and construction vehicles, including Scooptrams and mine trucks. The company manufactures more than 30 standard LHDs and trucks, as well as specially loading, clean up and haulage vehicles for coal mines. Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a company within the Atlas Copco Group.

Atlas Copco AB is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the group had revenues of more than US$5 billion, with 98 percent of company revenues received from outside of Sweden, and employing close to 27,000 employees. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools; compressed air equipment and generators; construction and mining equipment; assembly systems; and offers related services and equipment rental. More information is available at www.atlascopco-group.com.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. can be contacted at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97230-4999 USA. For more information, contact Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. at 503-255-2863, fax to 503-251-3014, or contact any of the company's worldwide dealers, the nearest Atlas Copco Sales Company, or visit the company???s Web site at www.atlascopcowagner.com.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.
P.O. Box 20307, Portland, Oregon 97294 (USA)
Telephone: +1 (503) 255-2863 Fax: 1 (503) 251-3014 Web Site: www.atlascopcowagner.com

Photo Captions:

Caption 1
Picture No: P7260041
The ST1500 Scooptram has a 15 Tonne payload capacity and a bucket volume ranging from 5.0 cubic meters to 8.3 cubic meters, depending on the material weight of ore mucked.

Caption 2
Picture No: P7260084
At full lift height, the bucket and load is raised to a maximum of 6.0 meters. The boom is raised by twin, double-acting cylinders with chrome-plated stems. The cylinders??? diameter is 216 mm (8.5 inches).

Caption 3
Picture No: P7260090
The ST1500 is powered by a water-cooled Detroit Diesel, 4-cycle, Series 60 DDEC engine with an MSHA power-rating of 299 kW (400 hp).

Caption 4
Picture No: P7260100
The massive standard bucket of 6.8 cubic meters achieves a hydraulic breakout force of 25598 kg. (56,443 lbs.) and a mechanical breakout force of 20,517 kg. (45,240 lbs.)

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