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Successful „Kits“ Strategy

Simple solutions help to save time – this is the maxim on which the development of the new maintenance kits of Atlas Copco Construction Tools is based. The kits contain all wear parts needed for servicing hydraulic breakers, combi cutters, pulverizers and hand-held tools. The main advantage of these kits is that less time is needed to order parts and customers may rest assured that all genuine parts needed for maintenance and repair work are delivered.

More and more customers are deciding to replace all parts needed in a certain area of the tool when servicing is due. This reduces to a minimum tool downtimes caused by maintenance work and any possible consequential damages due to a belated service. This proactive servicing approach therefore has a direct impact on the productivity of the equipment used, which is then always fit to meet the demands as quickly and trustworthy as desired. Ordering the kits is not in the least complicated. For the main servicing work such as the maintenance of the lower breaker part there is an article number for every type of hydraulic breaker covering the required parts like wear bushes, buffer rings, retainer bars and pins, chisel paste cartridges for the assembly, inspection gauge for the wear bushes as well as all required locking screws, pins and bushes.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools are presently offering more than 140 maintenance kits and another 40 kits will be available until the end of 2007. 

Gordon Hambach, Product Line Manager Parts & Working Tools for hydraulic attachments: “To me it is especially important that the customers receive genuine parts for their servicing work, because this is the only way to maintain the product’s performance and high productivity. Often apparently trivial parts such as bolts, nuts and other mounting parts have a direct impact on securing the tool’s availability and operativeness. Our kits guarantee that the user always has the parts he needs to carry out the servicing routine. We are on the right track with our maintenance kits. We will no longer launch new products on the market without the proper maintenance kits“.

Christopher Ekdahl, Product Line Manager Handheld Accessories & Parts, adds: „The service tasks can be accomplished much faster with the maintenance kits. It is not only the ordering procedure that has been simplified. The price, too, is clearly more attractive than the one to be paid when ordering single parts. This allows us to tailor our quotations for the hand-held tools to the requirements of specific target groups“. 


Anja Kaulbach 
Telephone: +49 (0)201 633 2233, Email: anja.kaulbach@de.atlascopco.com