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Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.


Timeline and Milestones: A History of Innovation

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.

Timeline and Milestones: A History of Innovation

2000:The Wagner ST1010 and ST-8C are launched.

1999:The Wagner MT2000, Atlas Copco Wagner’s 20-tonne payload capacity underground mine truck, was introduced. The Wagner ST-2G was introduced to North America.

1998:Atlas Copco Wagner celebrates its 40th anniversary and parent company Atlas Copco marks its 125th anniversary. The MT-420B is introduced.

1997:Atlas Copco Wagner launched the ST700, a 6.5 metric tonne capacity Scooptram®.

1996:Atlas Copco Wagner became the first load-haul-dump (LHD) manufacturer to introduce a fully integrated, electronic power train for underground loaders. Trunnion Cap design, a split cap pin retention assembly is developed. In addition, Atlas Copco Wagner launches three vehicles: the MT-5000, a 50 metric tonne capacity Mine Truck; the ST1000, a 10 metric tonne capacity Scooptram®; and the ST1800, an 18 metric tonne payload capacity Scooptram®.

1995: Wagner Mining and Construction, Inc. was renamed Atlas Copco Wagner, Inc. to reflect its integration with its parent company, Atlas Copco.

1994:Wagner received the ISO-9001 certification for quality of manufacturing.

1993:The company launched the Fullback® 645, which is still the world’s largest capacity articulated dump truck in production.

1992:The Wagner ST-7.5Z diesel Scooptram with Z-bar boom linkage was introduced. The Scooptram provides increased dump height and dumping speed for loading trucks. In addition, the Strongback™ bucket design was introduced.

1991:Wagner developed the Rock Tough® Air Conditioning System exclusively for underground mining, the MTT-439 diesel Mine Truck with programmable automatic transmission control and the Rock Torque® axle.

1989:Wagner Mining Equipment Co. was purchased by Atlas Copco AB, a Swedish company developing and distributing mining equipment, rock drilling tools, air and gas compressors and power tools.

1988:Wagner developed and patented the Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released (SAHR®) fail-to-safe brake system

1972:PACCAR, Inc. of Bellevue, Washington purchased Wagner Mining Equipment, Inc.

1970:The first public offering of stock was made and the company name is changed to Wagner Mining Equipment, Inc. Since 1958, the company had grown from 12 employees to over 350 employees. The Eject-O-Dump® bucket was developed and patented.

1966-1972:The line of Scooptrams® grew to include a 1.5, a 2 and 3 cubic yard capacity. New mine trucks also were added to the product line, including models with 15-ton, 20-ton, 25-ton and 28-ton payload capacity.

1963:Wagner introduced the load-haul-dump concept of underground mining.
The first load haul dump vehicle, the ST-5, was developed. It included a full reversing 4-speed power transmission, with the operator in a side seating position, allowing the equipment to drive in either direction with maximum visibility, speed and comfort.

1962:The PT-10, Wagner’s first personnel carrier and utility vehicle, was produced.

1961:The first horizontal discharge Teletram® truck was developed within 93 days of receiving the order.

1960:The MT-10, the first rear dump truck, was shipped.

1958:Wagner Mining Scoop Company was founded to develop loaders for the underground mining industry. In early 1958, Phillips Petroleum approached Wagner Tractor about developing a rubber tired, front-end loader for underground mining. In the summer of 1958, Eddie Wagner shipped the first mining scoop with an articulated center joint, the MS-1, to Phillips Petroleum.

1949:Elmer Wagner, Eddie Wagner’s brother, invented the 4-wheel drive articulated vehicle.

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