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New portable air compressor from Atlas Copco designed for operation in a vast range of heavy duty applications where large amounts of compressed air are needed.

Air power for heavy duty operations in air separation processes, applications that need large quantities of utility air, rental applications, sandblasting and quarries, is available from Atlas Copco with the introduction of the new XASE745 Gd portable compressor.

The Atlas Copco XASE745 Gd is an oil-injected, rotary screw compressor providing a free air delivery of 745 l/s (44.7 m3/min, 1580 cu.ft/min) at a normal effective working pressure of 7 bar up to 670 l/s (40.2 m3/1420 cu.ft/min) at 10.3 bar.

The new compressor is powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 60 diesel engine rated at 336 kW (450 hp).

A proven stepless regulating control provides the required working pressure between 7 bar and 10.3 bar. Working in conjunction with a regulating valve and the electronic control module, the engine is automatically adjusted to ensure the correct power setting; resulting in optimal power utilisation and excellent fuel economy.

The XASE745 Gd meets current and proposed European and US legal requirements for working environment (ISO 14001), and complies with international safety, exhaust emission and noise regulations.

In addition to providing heavy duty power, the new compressor also meets current regulations for low exhaust emissions. The engine fully complies with EC Stage 1.
Standard units are also silenced to meet a sound power level below 104 dB(A).

Built and tested to ISO 9001 quality standards, the compressors are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions.

Standard units are available fitted on a four-wheel tandem undercarriage complete with overrun brakes and a mechanical parking brake for added safety. A small turning circle allows for easy manoeuvrability. The new compressor is also available skid-mounted and without an undercarriage.

A cold weather system for easy operation at extreme temperatures is also available as an option, as well as an aftercooler and water separator for applications requiring quality air.

Atlas Copco Airpower is a company within the Atlas Copco Group. Atlas Copco is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1999, the Group had revenues of SEK 36 billion, with 97 percent of revenues outside Sweden, and over 26,000 employees. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools, compressed air equipment, gensets, construction and mining equipment, assembly systems, and offer related service and equipment rental. Additional information about Atlas Copco is available at the Group's web site, www.atlascopco-group.com, which provides access to current news about the Company.

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