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News / Application story / CNG stations provide Afghanistan with energy independence

CNG stations provide Afghanistan with energy independence


Ever since the Pentagon's Task Force for Business & Stability Operations (TFBSO) initiated & set up the only CNG refueling station in Sheberghan, Atlas Copco has been associated with it.

Atlas Copco CNG Compressors - 146
When Atlas Copco Pakistan supplied the equipment, and helped with the initial set up, they had already become heroes for the people from the war torn area. Very recently we added another feather in our cap with our superlative services, encouraging the TFBSO to appreciate our efforts whole-heartedly.

US Department of Defence is trying hard to provide Afghanistan with a sort of energy independence from the only available gasoline fuel and to create a sustainable domestic fuel economy. It aims at providing a cleaner and cheaper alternative to imported petrol and diesel. More than 100 taxi drivers have already opted for this solution, out of which 65% are filling in CNG each day. Under such circumstances it becomes imperative for the TFBSO to ensure that the CNG station is operating successfully.  Any breakdown results in a direct impact on the livelihood of the taxi drivers & commuters who rely on this CNG supply.

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Having already faced enough challenges with setting up the station, TFBSO faced another one with the sudden breakdown of the machine, but they were very appreciative with the way the whole crises was handled. Benjamin Freedman, CNG Project Manager at TFBSO, said " I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the assistance that the team has provided in support of Afghanistan’s first CNG station. The quick dispatch of Service Engineers to Sheberghan enabled the station’s compressor to be operational in a timely and professional manner. In addition, they conducted several technical and safety training's for the station staff to ensure that Afghanistan’s nascent CNG industry is rooted in global best practices."

The efforts of the team are amply reflected in the thoughts further stated by Freedman. "Please be assured that our organization sincerely appreciates the support that you and your team  have provided. As we know, success in the CNG  industry requires a team effort, and we are proud to be partners with Atlas Copco".

It is indeed a proud moment for the CNG CTS Regional Competence Center team that they have justified role assigned to them, whilst also setting a benchmark in customer satisfaction. "