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Pressure reducing systems

Atlas Copco PRS reduce gas pressure from as high as 259 bar G to an exact output pressure (50 - 2 bar G) without hydrate (icing) formation. They drain trailer to extremely low pressure.

The CNG is heated before regulation by using hot water available from the customer.

PRS Principle components – features and benefits

  • TEMA design water in tube shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Atlas Copco patented full bore spring or dome loaded regulator valves for regulating pressure in the first stage
  • Accurate high flow final Regulator
        - accurate output pressure regardless of trailer pressure or flow rate
  • Atlas Copco Non Return Valves proven for non-jamming technology
  • Pressure gauges and relief valves on both stage and discharge
  • Galvanized Frame and Feet, pre-drilled for concrete anchoring to minimize corrosion
PRS Plus:

  • Includes electrical heater (loose supply – suitable for safe area) with inbuilt water pump and temperature controller
  • The on board PLC  system monitors flow , pressure and temperature  and controls actuated valves for automated control of the PRS
  • When trailer pressure reaches critical level the first stage of regulation and heating is cut out to maximize system efficiency. This helps to maintain flow rate down to very low trailer pressure
  • In the event of water temperature drop the PRS automatically shut down, preventing damage to tubes
  • Completely compatible with Intermech trailer decant panel, the PRS provides an option of trailer pressure monitoring and seamless transition from empty to full trailer
  • Inlet filter to remove particles and protect equipment

Open table
PRS 010Upto 1000 Sm3/hr
PRS 060Upto 3000 Sm3/hr