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Manager: Eduard Desyak

I’m Eduard Desyak and I work at the customer center in Russia (ZAO Atlas Copco). We belong to the business area Mining and Rock Excavation Technique and I am the National Sales Manager.

Many and varying responsibilities as manager
As National Sales Manager I have a lot of responsibilities. Among other things I manage and coordinate capital and consumables sales, including staffing, training and personal development for my crew. I also manage and coordinate our organizational development based on new market needs and how our branch develops.

Naturally, as a manager, I am responsible for making sure that best practices are implemented. This is to ensure proper development and sustainability. I also work closely with our General Manager, to whom I report. And, of course, I have staff and budget responsibilities. This includes tasks such as making sure that our branch managers follow our Business Code of Practice.

Traveling is a treat
Russia is a huge country and, pretty often, mining companies are located in very remote areas, as are our branches. In order to understand my colleagues and customers in the different regions I have to travel. And it takes quite a lot of time. If you do not enjoy traveling, this job is not for you. But I like traveling, to see new places and to take in new experiences. The most enjoyable thing about my travels is the company of my regional colleagues. They help me discover new perspectives and opportunities in our business. They have a lot of ideas on how to move our business forward.    
We believe in people
We have clearly defined leadership principles within Atlas Copco. First of all ‘we believe that competent and committed people are vital in achieving the strategy of a company and the Group’. This is our company’s vision on people management. And based on that, we also say ‘We know that people are motivated by having a mission and having the authority to take action’.
Now, it is impossible to have managers who know everything and that’s why: ‘We believe that the person closest to the problem is closest to the solution’, ‘We believe in freedom with accountability’ and ‘There is always a better way’.

At Atlas Copco we put trust in people. Why? Because we believe they want to contribute and take responsibility for the company. And in Russia, this is the only way to work. We have business in very remote areas and if there is an 8-hour time difference between us in Moscow and our branch in, for instance, Magadan or Khabarovsk, we simply have to trust them. We do what we can to help, but also give them the freedom to learn from their own mistakes.
I tried to find my career path
In all honesty, I checked out the CVs of all our former CEOs. I was looking to find and define how they achieved such high positions in the company – and what an ‘ideal career’ within Atlas Copco would be. I finally came to the conclusion that they all had developed their own path to the top. So I try to keep that in mind and find my own path, because no career is like another within Atlas Copco.

I first started here at Atlas Copco in Russia in January 2005. My first position was as Sales Engineer within our division Geotechnical Drilling Equipment. I moved on to a position as Ground Engineering Product Manager, still within the same division, and then to being the Business Line Manager for our rock-drilling tools. For a year I combined this position with responsibilities within a development project for our Siberian branch. I helped build this branch from a small business with only four employees to being a fully equipped business with sales and service. And now, as I mentioned, I am the National Sales Manager of our business area.

At the beginning of my career in Atlas Copco, when I sold our exploration drill rigs and down-the-hole tools, my mind was totally occupied with technical details, contacts with customers, follow-ups of previous deals and so on. My job was a combination of ‘hunting’ and ‘farming’. As a ‘hunter’ I ‘prowled the market’ to get the deal and immediately after delivery I switched focus to ‘cultivating’ the relations with the customer. At any given period of that time at the front line, I felt that someone always had my back because my colleagues all supported me.
Now I’m in a position to support others. It is much less about real problems but much more about managing and supporting people who solve those problems. In this position I have to trust and rely on my colleagues even more than before.

Grab your opportunities
At any given time within this company you have the opportunity to develop and build your career. There is only one person who is responsible for your personal growth – you. But you have the support of the whole organization.

Contributing to our brand promise
In order to meet higher customer expectations, Atlas Copco Russia is building up a comprehensive and strong branch structure. We’ve already made a lot but we need to do even more in the coming years. My challenge is to keep the process moving, to find and hire the right people, to make them part of our entrepreneurial company, and to develop them in order to have high quality and sustainable support for our customers.

Join us – and be proud!
Our company has a long history and yet is still the market leader. This company hasn’t become a dinosaur despite its size and age. Why? Our company is still young and curious in its approach to business. We don’t follow market trends – we create these trends. What does that mean for our employees? It means you get the chance to be part of a global company with a very long history; it means you get the chance to sell the best products on the market; it means you get the chance to be proud of your job. And of your company.

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