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BAL-1A 10 : Ball valves

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The Atlas Copco valves, BAL and BAL-1A, are both suitable for air, water and many other liquids and gases due to the choice of material. The BAL valves can be used in all settings between fully open and fully closed. The BAL-1A is intended for operating either fully open or fully closed.

Features & benefits

  • Silicone free, can be used in spray painting environments
  • Maximum through flow with full bore to DIN standards for low pressure drop
  • Housing and ball made of chrome-plated hot-stamped MS 58 brass for rough use
  • Handles made of enamelled aluminum to withstand rough handling
  • BAL 1A with straight handle
  • BAL 1A with Teflon seals

Technical description

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Handle typeStraight handle
Connection thread BSP0.375 inch
Bore D10 mm
L50 mm
H47 mm
I73 mm

Safety information

To operate tools safely, always read and follow all Safety Information and Product Instructions. All locally legislated safety rules regarding installation, operation and maintenance must be respected at all times.

Safety Information
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George Apostolopoulos

+ 233 21 774512