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BT90: BT90 petroldrive-section

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George Apostolopoulos

+ 233 21 774512

With big challenges ahead, like up to 25 meter wide floors, runways or bridges that need compaction, levelling and finishing the BT90 is a very effective partner. A robust modular construction with rigid triangular shaped sections and great protection of vital parts ensures long lifetime and easy service. No special tools needed for assembly.

Features & benefits

  • Screed sections in different lengths
  • Eletric, pneumatic or petrol driven
  • Easy cleaning


  • Infrastructure
  • Flooring

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Length720 mm
Width620 mm
Height980 mm
Weight120 kg
Power sourceHonda GX270 (7.5 hp)
Frequency2900 Hz
Power input/output5.5 kW

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George Apostolopoulos

+ 233 21 774512