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Advanced Boom Control - ABC


The Advanced Boom Control (ABC) is a high-speed computer network that enables fast and accurate control of the drilling process. ABC is controlled through the Rig Control System (RCS), a computer based network control of all the drill rig functions.

The Advanced Boom Control System is available in three different levels, ABC Basic, ABC Regular and ABC Total

ABC Basic
The operator positions the booms and feeds utilising the feed angle shown on the operator display panel. The operator then initiates the drilling, with automatic collaring of the hole. The operator then positions the booms and feeds for the next hole.

ABC Regular
Includes guidance display for positioning of the booms and feed from a pre-selected drill pattern and automated drilling of the hole. Completed drill holes are shown on the display with individual logging of each drill round on the PC card. Includes Tunnel Manager – a planning and evaluation tool that designs drill plans, laser lines and tunnel lines.

ABC Total
A high level use of the automatics within the drilling programme. ABC Total features complete automation of the drilling process. The drill pattern is selected, the boom and feed is positioned automatically with electronic parallel holding and fully automatic drilling takes place including automatic collaring of the hole. This programme includes hole sequence programming and collision control of the booms.

When ABC Total is installed the operator’s role is changes to that of a supervisor of the drilling process, monitoring the drilling sequence and all settings via the colour display panel.

This is a new level in drilling automatics as it offers the customer more control and increased power over the drilling process. Advanced Boom Control is a feature of the Rocket Boomer L 3 series, however it can be installed on any of the next generation Rocket Boomer drill rigs.

Power and Intelligence

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Advanced Boom Control (ABC) is a high-speed computer network enabling fast and accurate control of the drilling process.

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