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Atlas Copco drill rigs for the Consorzio TAT


Stockholm, Sweden, December 14, 2001-Atlas Copco has successfully signed the contract for five drill rigs for the Consorzio TAT (Tunnel AlpTransit -Ticino), Switzerland. The Consorzio TAT has been ordered by the AlpTransit Gotthard AG to construct the sections Bodio and Faido of the base tunnel Gotthard.

As the amount of goods transported by truck through the Alps has increased dramatically, a decision has been taken in Switzerland to build huge base tunnels that will ferry freight trains through the country on short, fast routes. The design with two parallel single track tunnels will increase safety and reduce the risk for the type of dramatic accidents experienced during recent years.

The Gotthard base tunnel, which will begin operating in 2011, will be the longest railway tunnel in the world, providing fast and reliable transit of more than 300 trains per day through the 57 km long tunnels. The goods transit capacity will be twice as much as today, and transit time between Zurich and Milan will be reduced from 4 h10min today, to only 2h40min with the new line.

The two lots Bodio and Faido are the southern connections of the AlpTransit Gotthard. Their construction will be started in spring 2002 and the first part of the order will be delivered in the first quarters. Within the whole length of the tunnel of 57 km the two southern lots, Bodio with 16.6 km and Faido with 15.1 km, are the longest sections.

Atlas Copco Switzerland is proud to have been chosen as the partner and supplier for the rock drilling equipment. The negotiating partners for Consorzio TAT were Mr. Roland Baggenstos of Zschokke Locher AG, who will also operate as project manager, and Dr. Franz Pacher of Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH. “After a thorough and professional evaluation of all offers, we decided to equip our construction site with Atlas Copco drill rigs,” Dr. Pacher said. “According to the good reputation and our company’s good experiences with Atlas Copco products, we are glad about the decision made and are looking forward to working with Atlas Copco.”

The association Consorzio TAT consists of five highly known construction companies within the European construction market; Zschokke Locher AG, Switzerland; Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH, Austria; Hochtief Civil AG, Germany; CSC Impresa Construzioni SA, Switzerland and Impregilo SpA, Italy.

Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Equipment, part of the Construction and Mining Technique business area, is a leading manufacturer of underground and surface drill rigs. The division has its main customer base in the construction and mining industries. Additional information on the website: www.atlascopco.com/rde

Atlas Copco is an international industrial Group with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the Group had revenues of SEK 46 billion, with 98 percent of revenues outside Sweden, and more than 26.000 employees. The Group produce and market compressed air equipment and generators, construction and mining equipment, electric and pneumatic tools, assembly systems, and offer related service and equipment rental. More information on the website: www.atlascopco-group.com.

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Caption: High performing Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer L3 C drill rigs, will be used by Consorzio TAT to construct sections of the base tunnel Gotthard. The tunnel design with two parallel single track tunnels will increase safety and reduce the risk for accidents.
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