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Finnish phenomenon “Hydraulic Press Guy” vs Atlas Copco’s “jumbo” driller Boomer S2


There is a preconceived notion about automated products within the mining and tunneling industry; that automated products aren’t robust enough and can’t handle heavy duty work. Atlas Copco want to debunk that notion. Thus Atlas Copco has created “the Art of Robustness” featuring Lauri Vuohensilta who has a huge online presence among fans of hydraulic machinery.

Atlas Copco will be unveiling the Boomer S2, at MINExpo on September 27 in Las Vegas. The Boomer S2 is the first automated drill within the small face drilling rig segment.
Since 2015, Lauri has attracted nearly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers who enjoys watching bizarre mishmashes of items get crushed on his Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel. His past victims include a rubber ducky, a candy jawbreaker and a diamond.
”Since we are in a very niche market we are always looking for strong personalities that share the same interests as us and who can help us showcase our core values in a colorful way”, says Stevan Topalovic, Vice President Marketing and Business Development.
Now, it is time for Boomer S2. Atlas Copco’s newest automated drill rig boasts unmatched robustness. To prove it, we are pitting the Internet’s most destructive force against the Boomer S2. And giving it a lesson it will never forget.

See The Art of Robustness: Hydraulic Press Guy vs Boomer S2 video.

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