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The upgraded GA5-11C series ‘’Workplace Air Systems’’


An upgrading exercise has been performed on the existing GA 5-10 units concentrating on an overall reduction of the noise levels.
Modification of the cooling airflow and the internal baffling in combination with a further improvement of the cooling efficiency resulted into a considerable decrease of the noise emission (-3dB(A) for the 11kW unit).

Some minor changes of the outlook were introduced at the same time i.e. standardization of the grating pattern and painting.
Unit designations were brought in line with the other GA-families by which the GA10 denomination is changed into GA11C.

Besides the existing Pack (P), Full Feature (FF) and Standard Pack (SP) variants, Standard Pack with integrated refrigerant dryer (SP+ID) have been released as well with the objective to penetrate with the ID-concept in new market segments and reinforce our foothold in the existing one.