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GX 5-11 oil injected rotary compressor series. Industrial technology for the workshop.

The new GX5-11 series from Atlas Copco incorporate the company’s proven industrial rotary technology, providing optimum performance, high reliability, long lifetime and reduced maintenance requirements.

The FAD ranks between 7.5 l/s (5.5 kW) by 13 bar and 26.6 l/s (11 kW) by 7.5 bar (15.9 - 56.4 cfm) for the 50 Hz version, with pressure variants of 7.5, 10 and 13 bar. (Full Feature units -0.25 bar / -4 psi).
The 60 Hz version gives capacities from 7.8 l/s (7.5 hp) to 27 l/s (15 hp) (16.5 - 57.2 cfm), with pressure variants of 107, 132, 157 and 181 psi. (Full Feature units -4 psi).

To save energy, the compressor automatically shuts down when no compressed air is needed.
Combined with the Atlas Copco patented screw element and a high efficiency motor, the GX offers low energy consumption and high air delivery during the entire compressor lifetime.

The service friendly design, and the availability of standard service kits make maintenance cost effective and easy.
From design to production and delivery of GX compressors, Atlas Copco adheres to the ISO 9001 management system.

All air treatment equipment required to obtain clean and dry the air is integrated within the GX Full Feature unit:
- a 3-stage oil separation system with a residual oil carry-over of less then
- After cooler separating 70% of the water in the compressed air.
- A high performance refrigerant dryer to dry the compressed air.
- General purpose or high efficiency filter kit to further clean the compressed air

The Pack variant (P)offers all the benefits of the Full Feature, but excludes the air treatment equipment.
Both variants are available as tank-mounted and floor-mounted model.

A tank-mounted GX unit results in a complete compressed air system, including all connections and outlet valve, on less then 1m².
Combined with the low noise levels, between 66 and 71dB(A), the GX compressor is the perfect compressed air solution for workshops and light industry.

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