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Atlas Copco Wagner's MT5010 Truck Now Offered with Cummins Big QSK-19-C650 Engine as Standard Selection


Massive 50-Tonne Capacity Truck Powered by 485 kW of Engine Power; Vehicle Receives More than 40 New Upgrades to Performance

2001 12. 03

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Atlas Copco Wagner’s MT5010 Truck Now Offered with Cummins Big QSK-19-C650 Engine As Standard Selection

Massive 50-Tonne Truck Powered by 485 kW of Engine Power; Vehicle Receives More than 40 New Upgrades to Performance

(Portland, Oregon USA) Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. has announced that its massive 50-Tonne underground mining truck, the MT5010 is now offered with the Cummins QSK-19-C650 diesel engine as the vehicle’s standard configuration. At the same time, the company has announced that the vehicle has received more than 40 performance-enhancing upgrades to the engine, powertrain, cab, suspension system, structural body, and systems.

The Cummins’ QSK-19-C650 MSHA certified, water-cooled diesel engine, provides an MSHA power rating of 485 kW (650 hp) at 2100 revolutions per minute (rpm). The engine has a displacement of 19 Litres (1,159 cubic inches) and has a 6 cylinders, in-line configuration. The vehicle’s exhaust system includes a catalytic purifier plus exhaust silencer.

Other features of the Cummins’ engine include: High Injection Pressures; Advanced Electronics, Single-Stage Holset HX82 Turbocharger; Articulated steel Pistons; New Ring Pack; Large Diameter Camshaft; Wider Gear Train; High Capacity, Low-Temperature After cooler Housing; Swirl-Port Cylinder Head; and a Two-Stage Oil Filter.

The innovative QSK-19-C650 is designed for maximum utilization, with minimum maintenance. According to Cummins, the articulated pistons are just one example. Not only are they designed to last 30% longer, but also designed to give you 30% longer life after the engine’s first rebuild.
Oil seals have been engineered so they are never exposed to contaminants. According to Cummins, oil stays on the inside, dirt stays on the outside.

In addition to the selection of Cummins as the engine supplier, Atlas Copco Wagner has put the MT5010 through a series of vehicle upgrades. These include: an exhaust wrap with stainless steel foil backing for better fire prevention; increased engine to upbox coupling life; upbox and dropbox cooling with filtration and high temp warning; axle ring and pinion upgrade; front axle cooling option for severe applications is now available; track-rod bushings changed to spherical bearings; dump box design improvements; paint-on grip treads to reduce potential for slipping on oily surfaces; improved handles and steps for access to the MT5010; improved air conditioner performance and reliability; transmission electrical harness improvements; raised axle breathers; and an overspeed audio visual warning system along with a hydraulic retarder that automatically activates to help prevent engine overspeeds.

The Australian market has been the main user of the MT5010. Recently, four units were delivered to Western Metals and one unit Normandy’s Golden Grove operations. The QSK-19-C650 engine in the MT5010 was trial tested in Canada and in South Africa. A number of pending mine projects are looking at the MT5010 as their primary haulage vehicle.

Reports from Australia indicate that the Wagner 50-Tonne capacity truck is producing ore at A$65/ton. One mining company using the Wagner truck reports that it is hauling twice the tonnage this year as last year and that the vehicle is operating at 85% availability or better.

Complete, detailed new specifications of the MT5010 Rear Dump Truck can be obtained from Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. or from the company’s independent dealers and sales companies.

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive diesel and electric-powered articulated underground mining and construction vehicles, including Scooptrams and mine trucks. The company manufactures more than 30 standard LHDs and trucks, as well as speciality loading, clean up and haulage vehicles for coal mines. Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a company within the Atlas Copco Group.

Atlas Copco AB is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the group had revenues of more than US$5 billion, with 98 percent of company revenues received from outside of Sweden, and employing close to 27,000 employees.

Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools; compressed air equipment and generators; construction and mining equipment; assembly systems; and offers related services and equipment rental. More information is available at www.atlascopco-group.com.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. can be contacted at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97230-4999 USA. For more information, contact Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. at 503-255-2863, fax to 503-251-3014, or contact any of the company's worldwide dealers, the nearest Atlas Copco Sales Company, or visit the company’s Web site at www.atlascopcowagner.com.

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Photo Captions:

P00001: Atlas Copco Wagner’s massive 50-Tonne capacity rear dump truck maneuvers through an Australian mine with ease and productivity.

P00002: The Cummins QSK-19 water-cooled diesel engine provides the MT5010 with 485 kW (650 hp) of power.

P3070133: C/U view of the cab of the MT5010

P3070141: The MT5010 is ruggedly built to withstand difficult underground operating conditions. The MT5010 carries a full 50-Tonne payload, unlike some similar other 50-Tonne trucks.

P3070154: C/U view of the front end of the MT5010

P3070167: Dump box volumes range from 28.8 cubic meters for ore weighing 1.6 T/cubic meter to 14.7 cubic meters for weighing approximately 3.0 T/cubic meter.

P3070168: The mighty MT5010 now is available with the Cummins QSK-19-650C diesel-powered, water-cooled, electronically-controlled engine.

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