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New generating sets from Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco complements its diesel-powered generating sets with the QA series of unsilenced open frame units.

A new range of generating sets from Atlas Copco rated between 17-178 kVA are suitable for prime, standby or peak electricity power sharing applications. The new QA complete range comprises 18 models and each is powered by a liquid-cooled Deutz engine, driving a 50 or 60 Hz alternator. An Atlas Copco-developed microprocessor module provides the generating sets with an excellent response to load fluctuations over the entire output range, and allows for recovery times of less than three seconds.

Atlas Copco has designed and built the QA range using carefully chosen components to ensure maximum safety and reliability. The modular design, with standardised options also provides a high degree of adaptability. The sets also comply with current and forthcoming safety and environmental regulations and are manufactured and tested in accordance with the ISO9001 quality standards.

The engine and alternator are mounted on a sturdy frame, forming part of a compact package that includes integrated controls and circuit breakers.Those wishing to tailor the generating sets for more specific requirements are offered a host of options, such as a weatherproof canopy, a lifting beam, an in-built full-shift fuel tank, a radiator guard, hot spot guards, a changeover contactor kit, an oil heater, automatic mains failure detection, electronic speed regulation, terminal board and an earth leakage relay.

Atlas Copco launched its first range of soundproofed generating sets in 1986, in response to demand from public works clients who needed independent supplies of electricity. Today, the company has a major share of the market in Europe, with considerable sales to companies in the highly-competitive plant hire business. The full range of Atlas Copco generating sets now offers outputs from 13 to 360 kVA.

The launch of the QA range consolidates a product portfolio that includes air compressors, dryers, filters and other fittings for compressed air installations, plus centrifugal compressor and expansion turbines for the gas and process industry. Like all of these other products, the QA range will be capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of the world markets, particularly in those countries where power supply falls short of demand. It will enhance Atlas Copco's reputation on quality equipment, service and respect for environmental standards.

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