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F6 - the world’s most modern Down-The-Hole Crawler rig


Now it’s time for a another new Atlas Copco crawler rig to enter the surface drilling arena ­ the ROC F6. And this rig, with its hole range of 85-127 mm, is billed as the most modern Down-The-Hole crawler on the market. <BR> <BR> The ROC F6 is a sister product of the ROC F7 family which was introduced in 1996 with the slogan - Setting new standards - for hole quality, availability and total rock drilling economy. The ROC F7 has since proved its worth on worksites around the world and now the F6 DTH version is expected to add a new chapter to the success story.

With the newly-developed cab, the ROC F6 will also set a new standard in ergonomics, offering the operator a completely new working environment. The full-height front window offers an excellent overview of the drilling operation. The controls, formerly placed in front of the operator, have been placed in the two armrests. All hydraulic valves and hoses have been moved outside the cab, which has eliminated oil odour and valve vibrations inside. Sound level inside the cabin is low at 80 dB(A).

The operator’s seat is adjustable in every conceivable way so that it perfectly fits the operator’s body, leg and arm length and weight. The seat can be swung towards the cab door, which makes stepping in and out much easier.

Among many practical details is a 12-volt DC outlet for a mobile telephone. And it goes without saying that there is a choice of climate control units to suit any climate. The operator also has a perfect view of the collaring operation, as the drilling controls are placed in the armrests and nothing obstructs the view through the main window.

The new ROC F6 cabin meets all the international and European safety standards including ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure).

The ROC F6 series ­ other main features

Hole quality: It is recommended that the ROC F6 rigs are equipped with rock drills from the COP 32- 34 and 44 series. These rock drills have an internal power system, which permits greater power levels without increasing wear on the drill steel and hammer, thus creating the ideal balance of fast penetration and the drilling of straight, high-quality holes.
Quality holes also require a stable rig set-up and an efficient joint-breaking system. The ROC F6 has a break-out table placed in good sight for the operator. It is also moveable, which allows the operator to raise it and check the hole start from the cab.
The feed beam is oversized and ruggedly designed to reduce feed bending and twisting problems. An offset spike further ensures stability.
Operational availability: The ROC F6 has a large power reserve, resulting in less stress on the equipment. Its powerful 170 kW Mercedes V6 diesel, turbocharged and watercooled, enables optimum drilling and flushing capacity in any rock formation and hole depth. And it has a power output reserve of 15 percent or more.
The compressor is an Atlas Copco screw-type compressor XAH 140 ...........
providing an air pressure of 7-14 bar and 188 l/s. The built-in features of the ROC F6 include extraordinary manoeuvering and terrain-going qualities ­ so important for giving more time to effective drilling. The high pulling power, the perfect balance of the rig and the wide tracks contribute to fast and safe tramming between set-ups even on the most difficult worksites.
Total Economy:
The designers of the ROC F6 series have built up a complete picture of the users’ total production cycles ­ from drilling, blasting and loading to transporting and crushing ­ in order to produce a rig that gives overall high productivity and economy.
Photo No. 201 865
The ROC F6 cab offers a good working environment with excellent overview of the drilling operation and an extremely comfortable sitting position, which is adjustable to the operator’s size and weight.

Photo No 201 864
The ROC F6 is the market’s most modern Down-The-Hole crawler and is working in the hole size of 85-127 mm. The compressor is a 14 bar Atlas Copco screw type and provides 188 l/s.


COP 34 high-capacity 3.5” DTH hammer from Atlas Copco

The COP 34, a 3.5” DTH hammer is based on the same design concept being used for the company’s latest 4-8” DTH hammer series. This new concept is known to give the highest drilling speed and the lowest energy cost on the market.
Designed for a working pressure of 10-25 bar, COP 34 is a high-capacity hammer. This will make it ideal for applications such as blast holes for quarrying and mining, energy holes, anchoring and foundations holes etc.

Atlas Copco’s existing 3” DTH hammer, COP 32, is still considered to be the market leader within its hole dimension area and is very well suited for the pressure range 6-12 bar. However, at pressures above 12 bar and at hole dimensions over 100 mm, its application area is limited.

Comparative tests with COP 32 in Swedish granite (220 MPa) with a 100 mm drill bit have proved that COP 34, when drilling at pressures exceeding 12 bar, has a 20 percent higher drilling speed and a 15 percent higher productivity in terms of air consumption per metre drilled.

This means that the new COP 34 3.5” hammer is a complement to the Atlas Copco series of DTH hammers in the 100 mm hole range.
As standard, the COP 34 flushing device is placed at the top sub. This means that flushing can be increased without wearing the hammer periphery. This also means that the piston is solid, with only one centre flushing hole, which reduces the risk of piston damage.

Photo 42741-101
The Cop 34, a 3.5” DTH hammer, is the latest addition to the Atlas Copco DTH hammer range, designed according to the company´s new high-capacity design concept.

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