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A new challenger to the conventional rotary rigs


The ROC L8 down-the-hole surface crawler is the largest of the Atlas Copco rigs. It spearheads the company’s entry into large-scale operations at high production cement and limestone quarries and large open pit mines for hard rock applications.

The rig’s focus on impressive all-round performance provides a strong alternative to conventional rotary rigs.

The track oscillation and low centre of gravity makes travel quick and easy and set-up is fast. In addition, drilling flexibility (+/-30° sideways, +30° forward) in combination with the boom swing (-20° left and +25° right) will tackle the most demanding conditions. Tramming speed is 3.4 km per hour and 6 m-long drill tubes mean fewer joints. And the magazine contains eight tubes – which can randomly be selected to provide an even tube wear.
All these factors together contribute to more flexible operations and make more time available for drilling – adding up to higher productivity.

Excellent flushing

A powerful 317 kW (431 hp) CAT 3196 ATAAC engine, which is water cooled, turbo charged and after cooled, drives the rig. The on-board screw compressor is an XRV 9 unit, which has a working pressure of 25 bar (363 psi) and delivers 405 l/s (858 cfm) to provide excellent flushing.

The rig’s main application is drilling holes of 105-165 mm (41/8"–61/2"). It is equipped with Atlas Copco COP DTH hammers ranging from the COP 44 (110-130 mm) and the COP 54 (134-152 mm) to the COP 64 (156-165 mm), which combine high performance with low fuel consumption. A double drill tube guide helps to achieve straight holes and easy collaring.

The spacious cabin is FOPS/ROPS-approved and fitted with a six-way adjustable operator’s seat. The operator also enjoys the advantages of a low level of noise, a perfect view during collaring and drilling, easily-accessible drilling controls in the armrests of the operator’s seat, and air conditioning as well as heating.

Additional equipment includes a hole inclination and depth control instrument – which ensures fast and accurate positioning, minimises deviation and control of drilling depth – a hydraulic support leg for stable drilling, a water-mist system for hole stabilisation, and an electric refuelling pump.

Photo:no 201983
The ROC L8 DTH rig: Imposing appearance and high productivity.

Photo: no. 202076 (A4 size drawing)
ROC L8: High Productivity with Flexibility

Photo no 201636
Atlas Copco DTH-hammers, COP 44, COP 54 and COP 64.

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