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The new range of SECOROC Uppercut tapered equipment is built to handle the pressure round after round


Increasingly powerful pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills place great demands on rock drilling tools – a fact well known to drillers working in mining and dimensional stone applications.

New heat treatment process
These harsh realities have guided us in the design of our new Uppercut tapered rods. At the heart of these innovative products you’ll find a formidable steel grade and specialised manufacturing technique. The unique heat treatment process we employ helps to release the internal stresses of the steel – to give it greater bending resistance, while retaining high durability. The result is a tapered rod that’s better suited to the stress and strains of 7-10 kW rock drills. An added bonus is the rolled-in stainless lining throughout the entire length of the flushing hole. All in all, you won’t find longer lasting rods on the market today.

Secoroc Uppercut rods are available in 4° 46', 7°, 11° and 12° tapers (Hex 22 and Hex 25 mm), with shank lengths of 108 mm and 159 mm. Overall rod lengths of 400 mm to 8.000 mm are standard.

Uppercut high performance bits
Our bit design and production processes are also in a state of constant refinement. The Secoroc Uppercut range comprises button and cross-type bits in an extensive selection of design configurations. Moreover, we’ve added two new models – with an extra front button for improved hole straightness, higher penetration rate and a longer service life.

The new Secoroc Uppercut tapered equipment range can be used in all types of applications and rock formations.

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Atlas Copco Secoroc is a division within the business area Construction and Mining Technique of the Atlas Copco Group. The division develops, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools, and has established a world-wide leading position. The products are used for rock excavation within the mining and construction business for both surface and underground applications. The division headquarter is located in Fagersta, Sweden. The division has six production plants spread out on five continents and employs approx. 1100 people world-wide. More information is available on www.atlascopco.com.