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The ST1020 from Atlas Copco Wagner represents a new step in ergonomics and reliability


Since the ST1000 Scooptram was launched in 1996 it has constantly evolved in line with the demands and experiences of mining companies around the world. Now this evolution has resulted in a new 10-ton loader – the ST1020.

The latest LHD from Atlas Copco Wagner, the ST1020, gives significant improvements in three key areas – operator comfort, safety and serviceability,

The ergonomically designed cab is well laid out and the controls are easier to use. The noise level has been reduced to 81.3 dB (A), visibility is better. With the usage of a transverter, the designers have also made more room for the foot box which allows the operator to sit with an outstanding leg comfort, providing the most space of any LHD in the industry. The electronic converter and engine control systems have also been upgraded and are now more robust and reliable. Furthermore, all hydraulic hoses and electric cables are safely concealed out of the way.

When it comes to serviceability, the designers have come up with a new split cap pin retention system. Previously these pins would often seize up due to lack of grease or to corrosive environments. Now they are neatly contained in a special split-cap pin retention system which allows for easier component replacement. A bucket change, for example, which previously may have taken a full shift or more, can now easily be done within 2 hours.

Says David Ogilvie, Product Manager at Atlas Copco Wagner: “Many customers wanted to take the ST1010 vehicle a step further and the result is excellent. After seven years of
experience with this class vehicle, we can now offer the market a Scooptram that is vastly improved.”

Atlas Copco reports that orders for the new Scooptram are already on hand from mines in Russia Mexico, Chile and South Africa and strong interest is being shown from mining companies all over the world.

The ST1020 at a glance
Tramming Capacity: 10,000 kg
High bucket lift, max 4930 mm
Height, max (cabin) 2354 mm
Width, max 2488 mm
Tire Specification: Tubeless, Nylon, Smooth Tread Design
Tire size, Front & Rear 18.00 x 25, 24 Ply, L-5S
Engine: Detroit Series 50, 186 kW (250 hp)

Footnote: The Wagner loader and truck operations previously based in Portland, U.S.A. are now relocated at Atlas Copco’s site for construction and mining equipment in Örebro, Sweden.

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The new ST1020 Scooptram from Atlas Copco Wagner: Significant improvements and a big step forward in LHD design.

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