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Impressive equipment line-up awaits visitors to Las Vegas show


When the Las Vegas Convention Center opens its gates for this year’s big construction exhibition (March 15-19), visitors will be confronted with an impressive display of high-technology drill rigs, breakers, compressors and other related construction equipment.

The display, from the worldwide manufacturer Atlas Copco, promises to showcase a number of new product innovations not yet seen on world markets.

Located at Booth C5773, on the right-hand side of the Center’s Central Hall, Atlas Copco plans to display five surface crawler rigs, three portable air compressors, two generators, Secoroc hammers and bits, as well as hydraulic breakers and other construction tools.

Among the many products on display will be:
Drill rigs ROC F9CR, EMC-585 and CM-780D DTH
Secoroc’s new Total Depth TD80 DTH hammer
Symmetrix overburden drilling system
Air compressors QAS 14, QAX 20, XAS97, XAS 756
The world’s largest hydraulic breaker attachment HB 7000
Horizontal directional drilling tools

The ROC F9CR represents the second generation COPROD system which combines all the benefits of tophammer drilling with the accuracy of down-the-hole drilling. The rig has a more powerful rock drill which gives a higher drilling capacity. The COPROD impact rods and drill tubes have also been considerably improved. This includes a new a stronger tube and thread connection which increases service life, especially in abrasive rock formations. This, in turn, enhances the drillstring’s outstanding resistance to deviation.

Accompanying the ROC F9CR are the ECM-585MC and CM-780D crawler rigs from Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions, both of which have significant new features and design improvements. Designed for 3 ½ inch (89 mm) holes to depths of 84 ft (25.6 m), the ECM-585MC has a single lever automatic rod changer, two lever drilling controls and increased operator comfort and visibility in the universal cab. The CM-780D is designed for 6 ½ inch holes (165 mm) in hard rock to a depth of 100 ft (30.5 m). With a ground clearance of 17-inches (432 mm) and full length track guards, the CM-780D is ideally suited to heavy duty drilling operation in rough terrain.

The Total Depth 8-inch hammer (TD80) is ideal for 77/8 -inch to 11-inch hole sizes. It uses existing QL80 shank bits and has a patented air regulation system which enables the airflow to be perfectly matched to the compressor.

Symmetrix is a unique system for drilled casings which can be used in all ground conditions and at any angle to depths beyond 300 feet (approx 100 meters). There are three main components – a pilot bit with internal flushing holes and external grooves, a symmetrical ring bit (reamer) and a casing shoe for driving the casing. The pilot bit is attached to the ring bit with a bayonet coupling. Both rotate clockwise and together cut a hole sufficiently large to allow the casing shoe to pull down the casing pipe. Casing sizes range from 3-inches (76 mm) to 48-inches (1220 mm).

Another big eye-catcher will be the HB 7000 hydraulic attachment breaker. Weighing in at seven tons it is the largest of its kind in the world. Featuring Krupp percussion technology, the HB 7000 is ideal for demolition, trenching and foundation work as well as primary and secondary rock breaking in quarrying and mining.

Photo No 204560 ROC F9CR
Picture Caption:
One of the surface drilling rigs in the Atlas Copco display, the ROC F9CR, reported to give the lowest cost per ton in demanding rock conditions.

Photo No 800437 TD80
Picture Caption:
Atlas Copco Secoroc’s new TD80 DTH hammer, with patented AirSelect system for flexibility and superior performance.

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