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Tensor DS introduces a new dimension in controlled tightening


With the Tensor DS range from Atlas Copco the benefits of controlled tightening and advanced electric systems can be applied to all industrial assembly operations.

Available in five different tool designs and a torque range spanning from 1 – 2000 Nm, Tensor DS can be used for all non-safety critical applications. The tools use DigiTork, a new digital method of torque control developed by Atlas Copco.

Tensor DS offers major benefits even in simple applications. Target torque is set using buttons on the Drive keypad and programming takes place automatically through an Auto Set function. The tool gives a green light to indicate that all screws are tightened and the joint is OK. This not only impacts the quality of the end product but also avoids costly reworking further down the line.

Tensor DS is also ideal for advanced applications. It offers feedback, productivity, ergonomics, reliability, low service costs, multi torque capability and unsurpassed joint control compared to conventional tools. Different models of the DS Drive are available, to suit applications requiring multi torque operations or only one parameter set.

Tensor DS is superior to conventional nutrunners in terms of ergonomics. It offers higher speed, less weight, low sound levels and greater accuracy. A programmable ErgoRamp function also decreases operator strain.

The benefits of electric operation also include flexibility, a clean environment and reduced operating costs.