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Trademark Usage for Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.



Founded in 1958, Atlas Copco Wagner, Inc. was the world’s first manufacturer of load-haul-dump equipment for the underground mining and construction industries. The company has changed its name several times throughout the years, most recently from Wagner Mining and Construction Equipment Co. to Atlas Copco Wagner, Inc.

Although Atlas Copco Wagner’s Scooptram® has been a registered trademark since 1968, the brand name is often incorrectly used as a generic term when referring to products not made by Atlas Copco Wagner. The term Scooptram should never be used in conjunction with products made by Tamrock (Toro), EJC, EM, Elphinstone, Paus etc. We also require that if do use the world SCOOPTRAM in your local publications that it only be used in reference to Wagner LHDs, and that it always be used with a ® to indicate it is our trademark.

Because we know how important accuracy is to editors and manufacturers, we offer the following suggestions to assist you when referring to Atlas Copco Wagner products and registered trademarks. Always treat a registered trademark as an adjective, using it to modify a noun.
When referring to:

Atlas Copco Wagner Scooptram® products

Scooptram® underground loader
Scooptram® mining vehicle
Scooptram® loader
Scooptram® vehicle
Scooptram® LHD
Scooptram® load-haul-dump

The product category, non-specifically and LHD equipment
products by other manufacturers : underground loader
mining vehicle loader
load-haul-dump equipment
Fahrlader in Germany

For your information, here are other registered trademarks and acceptable references to Atlas Copco Wagner products:

SAHR® (spring applied hydraulic released) brakes
SAHR® fail-to-safe brakes
StrongBack® bucket
Rock Tough™ axle
Rock Tough™ air conditioning system
E-O-D® bucket
E-O-D® (eject-o-dump) bucket
Teletram® dump truck
Scoopy™ the mascot
Fullback™ dump truck

Atlas Copco Wagner, Inc values its relationships with editors and fellow manufacturers. We offer these suggestions to eliminate any confusion and to assist you in providing the accurate information on which your readers rely and to protect the registered trademarks owned by Atlas Copco Wager, Inc.