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Atlas Copco portable compressors meet EC and US emission standards


Mercedes Benz and Caterpillar engine driven portable compressors from Atlas Copco meet forthcoming EC legislation for off-road exhaust emissions and fully comply with American standards.

The latest Atlas Copco double axle portable XAS compressors, powered by a Mercedes Benz or Caterpillar 'green engine', comply with American standards 1996 US EPA and CARB non-road certification according to ISO8178.

The range also complies with forthcoming EC legislation for off-road exhaust emissions including EURO 1 non-road diesel regulations (NRMM), which will take effect Jan 1, 1999.

EURO 1 is intended to set the standards for emissions of gases and polluting particles from internal combustion engines for off-road mobile machinery, including compressors, industrial drilling rigs and bulldozers etc.

According to an Atlas Copco spokesman, many of its customers concerned with protecting the environment ask for compressors and generators to meet both current and future emission regulations.

"Atlas Copco has therefore anticipated a demand for compliance and chose to follow the most stringent regulations." he stated.

The introduction of the "green" engine reflects Atlas Copco's policy to focus on environmental issues in the development of compressors, in-line with today's widespread environmental concern.

The Atlas Copco XAS four-wheeled portable compressor range is rated between 151 kW - 329 kW (17 - 34.2 m³/min, 600 - 1210 cu.ft/min). It is mainly used in mining, quarry, and large construction projects such as dams.

For underground operations, such as mines and tunnels, a catalyser can be installed as an option to purify exhaust gases to non-toxic levels.

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