BBC 34WS-8: Stoper for medium to hard rock - Atlas Copco Guinée-Bissau

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BBC 34WS-8: Stoper for medium to hard rock

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Atlas Copco Stopers are all-steel rock drills designed for production drilling, raise driving and roof bolting. They have a ratchet wheel rotationand and a short piston stroke for good penetration rates in soft and medium hard rock. Air blowing through the chuck when drilling, cleans the rotation chuck and lubricates the drill steel shank. The WR version has clockwise rotation and can be used for tightening or installing screen on threaded roof bolts. The BBC 34WS stoper offers extra power and torque for tough and difficult rock conditions. It provides air-flushing at the front head of the rock drill to prevent water and cuttings from entering the drill.

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • High quality, designed for production drilling
  • Front flushing of drill steel to keep water and cuttings out from the drill


  • Raise driving
  • Bolting
  • Screening

Données techniques

Caractéristiques techniques
Type de marteau perforateurMarteau perforateur souterrain
Version du marteau perforateurStandard
Poids46.5 kg
Longueur, rentré1810 mm
Longueur, sorti2780 mm
Consommation d'air125 l/s
Taux d'impact2340 blows/min
Diamètre du piston80 mm
Longueur de la course70 mm
Diamètre du trou27 - 41 mm
Seuil de vibrations 3 axes (ISO 5349-2)*30.5 m/s²
Niveau sonore garanti129 dB(A)
Niveau sonore*118 dB(A)
Taille de l'emmanchement (mm)22x108
Taille de l'emmanchement (pouces)7/8x4 1/4

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