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RTEX: (Hex 32)

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Our new handheld pneumatic breaker RTEX rewrites the profitability rulebook: reducing energy consumption by 50% whilst being 25% lighter paired with great ergonomics.

We deliver increased profitability through new advanced technology within breaking efficiency and ergonomics. Thanks to the invention of a new operating principle – Constant Pressure Control, improved energy transfer within the breaker and the new RHEX Power Chisel – the RTEX achieves record high breaking efficiency. The RTEX has the breaking capacity of a 30+ kg breaker, using only half as much compressed air whilst being 25% lighter.

Caractéristiques et avantages

- RTEX has the breaking performance of top class 30-35 kg breakers but weighs only 25 kg.
- Measured according to EN ISO 28927-10*, the 3-axes hand-and-arm vibration is below 5 m/s2. This is thanks to the Constant Pressure Chamber on the top of the breaker which serves as advanced pneumatic suspension.
- The tool is more compact than a traditional breaker, which makes it easier to work with in constrained areas and gives a more ergonomic working position. Stiff handles and the Sofstart™ function make it very easy to control the power of the RTEX.
- One of the most intriguing features of the RTEX is that it offers a 50% reduction in compressed air consumption for the same breaking capacity. This means that a compressor only half the size is needed, or that two breakers can be used on a compressor which previously powered only one breaker.


- Covers a wide range of applications: flexible and rigid pavement, demolition, maintenance work, renovation, gardening and landscaping.

Données techniques

Caractéristiques techniques
Poids25 kg
Longueur780 mm
Consommation d'air18.5 l/s
Taux d'impact870 blows/min
Seuil de vibrations 3 axes (ISO 28927-10)*4.8 m/s²
Niveau sonore garanti, Lw (2000/14/EC)*107 dB(A)
Niveau de pression sonore (ISO 11203)** Lp, r=1 m90 dB(A)
Emmanchement HEX32x152 / 32x160 mm

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